Davao del Norte, The Banana Capital of the Philippines

Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines by Danial Moygannon

Davao del Norte is a vibrant province located in the southeastern part of the Philippines, set within the Davao Region on the island of Mindanao. Its provincial capital is Tagum City.

It is bounded by the provinces of Agusan del Sur to the north, Bukidnon to the west, Compostela Valley to the east, and the city of Davao to the south. Known for its rich cultural heritage, robust agricultural sector, and burgeoning ecotourism initiatives, Davao del Norte is a place of both progress and tradition.

Discovering the Heart of Davao del Norte

Cultural Richness

Davao del Norte is home to various indigenous groups, including the Dibabawons, Mansakas, Aetas, and Mandayas, which contribute to the province’s mosaic of cultures. Traditional celebrations such as the Kadagayaan Festival in Tagum City showcase ethnic dances, music, art, and cuisine, offering a glimpse into the area’s deep-rooted indigenous traditions.

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Agricultural Hub

The province is often referred to as the “Banana Capital of the Philippines,” with vast plantations dedicated to this commodity primarily for export. It is also known for the production of other high-value crops such as coconuts, rice, and vegetables, making a significant contribution to the country’s national food basket.

Eco-Tourism and Attractions

Davao del Norte’s natural attractions are a strong draw for tourists. The region boasts pristine beaches, such as those on Samal Island, which is renowned for its white sandy shores and clear waters. The province also offers lush greenery and eco-adventure sites, like Mount Apo Natural Park, providing opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and connecting with nature.

  • Hijo Estates – A former banana plantation turned eco-tourism destination, it offers opportunities for agri-tourism and leisure activities.
  • Banana Beach Resort – The world’s only beach resort within a banana plantation.
  • The Tagnanan Falls – A scenic spot perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers.
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Economic Growth and Infrastructure

Davao del Norte has been experiencing a steady increase in economic growth, driven by investments in infrastructure development, commercial establishments, and an improving tourism industry. The province seeks to balance this growth with environmental stewardship, ensuring sustainable development practices are in place.

Tagum City National Highway to NCCC Mall and Compostela Valley by S5switch

Festivals and Events

The province is also known for its vibrant festivals. The most famous is the annual Musikahan sa Tagum, a celebration of music and arts that attracts both local and international talents. Additionally, the Araw ng Dabaw del Norte commemorates the province’s founding with a week-long celebration filled with events and activities.


Davao del Norte stands as a region where the allure of nature, the warmth of its people, and the promise of economic opportunity come together harmoniously. It’s a destination that promises a rich experience, whether for the leisure traveler, the cultural enthusiast, or the entrepreneurial spirit. With its diverse offerings and hospitable atmosphere, Davao del Norte is undeniably a gem worth exploring in the heart of Mindanao.

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