Mindanao: Region XI: Davao Region (Southern Mindanao): Davao Occidental

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 118600000

Davao Occidental is the 81st province of the Philippines and was carved out of the southwestern part of Davao del Sur. Established on October 28, 2013, by virtue of Republic Act No. 10360, it comprises five municipalities: its provincial capital, Malita, Don Marcelino, Jose Abad Santos, Santa Maria, and Sarangani.

The creation of Davao Occidental aimed at enhancing administrative governance, speeding up social and economic development, and providing better service delivery to the local populace. This region boasts an idyllic landscape with a mix of coastal areas and highland territories, offering both agricultural and marine resources abundantly.

Davao Occidental is geographically significant; it faces the Celebes Sea to the South, which is part of the Coral Triangle, an area known for its extraordinary marine biodiversity. The province offers a range of activities for eco-tourism enthusiasts, such as diving, snorkeling, and hiking. Its untouched coral reefs and diverse marine life make it an ideal spot for conservation efforts and sustainable tourism ventures.

The province’s economy primarily revolves around agriculture, with coconut, banana, and corn as the leading products. Fishing also plays a substantial role, with the Celebes Sea providing an abundant source of fish and other seafood. Despite its rich natural resources, Davao Occidental is determined to balance economic progress with environmental preservation.

Culturally, Davao Occidental is a melting pot, with various indigenous communities, such as the B’laan and the Manobo, as well as Christians and Muslims living together. The province celebrates the “Kasadya sa Sarangani Bay Festival,” a vibrant event marked by street dancing, cultural presentations, and sports activities, reflecting the rich heritage and local traditions.

The challenge for Davao Occidental lies in its relative infancy as a province, with the need for infrastructure development, healthcare improvements, and enhanced educational facilities. Given its strategic location, the local government envisions transforming it into a gateway for trade and tourism in the region.

Davao Occidental offers a glimpse of the Philippines’ untouched beauty and potential for growth. With prudent management and sustainable practices, it stands on the brink of becoming a significant player in regional development and a beacon of eco-tourism in Mindanao.

Davao Occidental is a coastal province, is composed of:

Municipalities:Barangay (of which are Island Barangays):
5105 (12)

By HueMan1 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=79244045

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 118601000

2020 Population: 45,540

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
118601007 BaluntayaRural2,4162,450 Inland
118601001 CalianRural3,7093,854 Coastal
118601008 DalupanRural3,4793,479 Inland
118601009 KinangaRural4,0123,860 Coastal
118601002 KiobogRural2,0152,276 Coastal
118601003 Lamidan North Rural2,0362,041 Coastal
118601014 Lamidan South Rural1,6541,700 Coastal
118601015 Lamidan West Rural2,9842,846 Inland
118601010 LanaoRural1,1351,044 Coastal
118601011 LapuanRural5,0614,944 Inland
118601004 Lawa (Pob.)Rural4,0413,269 Población-Coastal
118601012 LinadasanRural1,8361,751 Coastal
118601013 MabuhayRural2,1382,093 Inland
118601005 Nueva VillaRural2,0792,049 Inland
118601006 Talagutong (Pob.)Urban6,9456,898 Población-Coastal
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Don Marcelino and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 118602000

2020 Population: 73,381

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
118602002 BalangonanRural3,0853,075 Coastal
118602001 BuguisRural1,3131,601 Coastal
118602006 BukidRural2,8222,801 Inland
118602007 ButuanRural2,1722,060 Coastal
118602008 ButulanRural2,8912,840 Coastal
118602009 Caburan BigRural4,8275,280 Coastal
118602010 Caburan Small (Pob.)Urban7,0176,734 Población-Coastal
118602011 CamalianRural1,7691,754 Coastal
118602012 CarahayanRural2,4481,986 Coastal
118602013 CayapongaRural1,8822,078 Coastal
118602014 CulamanRural3,2653,805 Coastal
118602015 KalbayRural4,3024,380 Coastal
118602016 KitayoRural1,1221,192 Inland
118602019 MagulibasRural2,7142,457 Coastal
118602020 MalalanRural2,3742,440 Coastal
118602021 MangileRural3,2493,260 Coastal
118602022 MarabutuanRural4,2924,586 Coastal
118602023 MeybioRural2,2842,223 Coastal
118602024 MolmolRural2,2582,418 Inland
118602025 NuingRural3,0893,260 Coastal
118602026 PatulangRural1,5421,854 Coastal
118602027 QuiapoRural1,8862,112 Inland
118602028 San IsidroRural2,1952,914 Inland
118602033 SugalRural2,9443,392 Coastal
118602034 TabayonRural3,3943,267 Coastal
118602035 TanumanRural2,2452,563 Coastal
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Jose Abad Santos (Trinidad) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 118603000

2020 Population: 118,197

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
118603001 BitoRural1,8861,864 Inland
118603002 BolilaRural1,9702,076 Inland
118603003 BuhanginRural4,6374,194 Inland
118603004 CulamanRural1,9821,781 Coastal
118603005 Datu DanwataUrban5,9936,386 Inland
118603006 DemolocUrban6,1567,239 Inland
118603007 FelisRural2,8892,702 Inland
118603008 Fishing Village (Fisherman’s Village)Rural3,6113,656 Coastal
118603010 KibalatongRural1,2731,296 Coastal
118603011 KidalapongRural2,5122,156 Inland
118603012 KilalagRural3,2972,997 Inland
118603013 KinanganRural2,8973,941 Inland
118603016 LacaronUrban4,1793,038 Inland
118603017 LagumitRural5,5164,528 Inland
118603018 LaisRural1,9801,781 Inland
118603022 Little BaguioUrban12,20111,317 Inland
118603023 MacolRural1,3811,817 Inland
118603024 ManaRural4,2214,201 Coastal
118603025 Manuel PeraltaRural2,6463,038 Inland
118603027 New ArgaoRural1,6591,611 Coastal
118603041 PangaleonRural2,2592,286 Inland
118603030 PangianRural3,6504,142 Coastal
118603031 PinalpalanRural4,2874,686 Inland
118603032 PoblaciónUrban19,07917,787 Población-Coastal
118603033 SangayRural3,3343,745 Inland
118603036 TalogoyRural2,4333,003 Inland
118603037 TicalRural1,0861,230 Inland
118603038 TiculonRural2,5972,835 Inland
118603039 TingoloRural2,1242,090 Coastal
118603040 TubalanRural4,4624,323 Coastal
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Malita and Capitol of Davao Occidental and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 118604000

2020 Population: 57,526

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
118604001 BasiawanUrban7,6047,465 Coastal
118604002 BucaRural2,4222,985 Inland
118604003 CadaatanRural1,9471,804 Inland
118604021 Datu DaligasaoRural841883 Inland
118604022 Datu IntanRural1,5391,253 Inland
118604004 KidadanRural1,0841,441 Inland
118604023 KinilidanRural1,233826 Inland
118604005 KisuladRural1,3171,295 Coastal
118604006 Malalag TubigRural9801,009 Inland
118604007 MamacaoRural3,0112,899 Coastal
118604008 OgpaoRural1,1901,144 Coastal
118604009 PoblaciónUrban10,1208,108 Población-Inland
118604010 PongpongRural2,1682,515 Inland
118604011 San AgustinRural5,2224,721 Coastal
118604012 San AntonioRural2,4782,354 Inland
118604013 San IsidroRural2,9552,576 Inland
118604014 San JuanRural1,5221,587 Inland
118604015 San PedroRural2,0581,658 Inland
118604016 San RoqueRural1,6581,489 Inland
118604019 Santo Niño Rural1,6031,714 Inland
118604020 Santo RosarioRural1,4661,239 Coastal
118604018 TangladRural3,1082,706 Coastal
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Santa Maria and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 118605000

2020 Population: 22,515

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
118605001 BatugandingRural2,2092,200 CoastalBalut Island
118605008 Camahual Rural1,2051,262 CoastalSarangani Island
118605009 Camalig Rural1,1601,166 CoastalSarangani Island
118605010 GomtagoRural895797 CoastalBalut Island
118605002 Konel Rural2,1422,140 CoastalBalut Island
118605003 LipolRural1,6252,173 CoastalBalut Island
118605004 Mabila (Pob.) Urban5,2535,147 Población-CoastalBalut Island
118605005 Sarangani Norte (Patuco)Rural2,7812,942 CoastalSarangani Island
118605006 Sarangani Sur (Laker)Rural1,5241,797 CoastalSarangani Island
118605011 TagenRural1,3971,563 CoastalBalut Island
118605007 Tinina Rural1,4391,861 CoastalBalut Island
118605012 Tucal Rural885991 CoastalBalut Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Sarangani (Sarangani & Balut Islands) and its barangays.
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