About Page:

About Me:

I am a U.S. Navy veteran who first journeyed to the Philippines while in the service. I am also the spouse of a Philippine national, and I love the Philippines.

I started this website as part of a college course and now that I have completed it; I am expanding on it all the time. I truly love trivia, videos, and statistics about the Philippines.

View over Cebuano mountains from the rooftop of the West 35 Mountain Resort on Cebu, Philippines” by Taco Verdonschot/ CC0 1.0

My Story:

I have been to the Philippines a few times, and I wish to share what I have learned about the country.

I enjoy collecting raw statistical data from as many sources as I can. These include PhilAtlas, Wikipedia, the Philippine Statistics Authority, and the websites of multiple providences, cities and municipalities in the Philippines.

Entry to a Resort in La Union.

Why I Built This Site:

What I have found while collecting this data is that some of these websites have a lot of data but not all that I was looking for. None had everything that I have collected.

I believe that I may have the most complete statistical data collected.

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