What Should You Buy Before Travelling?

When you travel to a different region of the world, it is important to think about what you might need to purchase at home before you start an adventure. Are you a westerner? Or a native returning home?

Then you have to decide once you get there:

Will you be backpacking? Staying in hostels/resorts/hotels/motels or with a friend/family? Will you be renting a car, or traveling by public/private transit?

Each of these choices will lead you to different needs.

Here a few things you may need to purchase before travelling. I will be making recommendations for men.


At the very least you will probably need a traveling backpack for men.

If you don’t have any you may need to purchase luggage, a set of 3 may be a good choice. And don’t forget to check with your airline to know your weight allowances.

Are you a westerner? If you are of above average sized, surprise most of the clothes or footwear you want to buy may need to be purchased at home.


You will be walking a lot in the Philippines, so you need good footwear. It is also very humid and wet there so you may want water shoes, sandals, and/or walking shoes. Remember if you got big feet, buy at home.

Comfortable Clothing:

In the Philippines, the weather is mostly warm to hot based on the temperature of the area you are in. So, I would recommend canvas shorts or light weight pants, short sleeve shirts with maybe a light over shirt.


Other Stuff You Might Need:

Some things are readily available (or are expensive) when to travel in the Philippines or aren’t. You may need to bring a few amenities with you.

Phone SIM Cards:

A SIM card for the country you visit is a must.

I wrote a Blog about this already see Financial Suprise; Cellphones. – Philippine Tourism and Statistics (turistasapilipinas.com) for more information.

Here Are Some Other Items to Think About:

Purchase a small amount of the local currency. As of 12/13/2023 the exchange Rate is USD$1.00 = PHP 55.60

I wrote a Blog about this already see: Philippine Currency! – Philippine Tourism and Statistics (turistasapilipinas.com) for more information.

Bug Repellent, Suntan Lotion, and other Lotions (They’re expensive there), A Water Bottle w/ a filtering system (although bottled water is fairly cheap).

Always be prepared for your trips, so you have one less thing to think about.

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