Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156600000

Discovering the Enchanting Beauty of Sulu, Philippines

The province of Sulu is a stunning archipelago that is situated in the Sulu Archipelago, brimming with vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, nestled in the southwestern part of the Philippines. Its provincial capital is the municipality of Jolo.

Known for its rich history and unique blend of influences, Sulu is a hidden gem waiting to be explored by those seeking adventure and a peek into a diverse cultural tapestry.

Geography and Climate

Sulu is composed of several islands and islets, with Jolo Island being the largest and the province’s capital. The archipelago lies between the Celebes Sea to the south and the Sulu Sea to the north, positioning it strategically as a maritime crossroads.

The climate in Sulu is generally tropical and humid, distributed more or less evenly throughout the year. This makes the province a perfect destination for travelers any time of the year, with its warm waters and lush greenery offering a welcoming embrace.

Historical Significance

Sulu has a storied past, playing a prominent role in the pre-colonial trading routes. It was also the center of the Sulu Sultanate, one of the oldest Muslim states in the region, with influences stretching across maritime Southeast Asia. The remnants of this rich history are evident in the local customs, traditions, and the majestic ruins that dot the landscape.

Cultural Heritage

The culture of Sulu is predominantly Tausūg, a group renowned for their artistry, music, and dance. The famous “Vinta,” a traditional boat with colorful sails, and the intricate “Lepa Lepa” festival, are testaments to the people’s connection to the sea. Handicrafts such as weaving and metalwork are also deeply embedded in the local culture, with the vibrant patterns of the “Pis Syabit” (handwoven cloth) and the meticulous craftsmanship of traditional weaponry highlighting the Tausūg’s artistic heritage.


The cuisine in Sulu is as diverse as its people, offering a variety of flavors that are a blend of indigenous, Malay, and Arabic influences. Seafood is understandably a staple, often prepared with rich spices and coconut milk. Rice dishes such as “Tiula Itum,” a black soup made with burned coconut, and “Piyanggang,” chicken cooked in a similar fashion, are not to be missed when sampling local delicacies.

Natural Wonders

Sulu is not only culturally rich but also naturally gifted. Its pristine beaches, untouched coral reefs, and dense mangroves are paradise for nature lovers. The Tubbataha Reef Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an exceptional place for diving, offering some of the most colorful and complex marine biodiversity in the world.

Challenges and Resilience

Despite its beauty, Sulu faces socio-economic challenges and has been marred by past conflicts. However, the resilience and hospitality of its people shine through these hurdles. Efforts to promote peace and development continually strive to highlight Sulu’s potential as a site of cultural interest and natural splendor.

In conclusion, the province of Sulu is a captivating destination that promises an experience unlike any other in the Philippines. Its enduring spirit and the allure of its natural and cultural wonders beckon travelers who seek paths less traveled. Whether it’s through the lens of history, the beauty of its art, the flavors of its cuisine, or the majesty of its landscapes, Sulu offers an enchanting adventure to the curious and the bold.

Sulu is an island province in the Sulu Archipelago and is composed of:

Municipalities:Barangay (of which are Island Barangays):
19410 (410)

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Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156615000

2020 Population: 35,616

156615001 Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:CoastalSimisa Island
156615002 BangalawRural1,7701,467 CoastalBangalao Island
156615003 DanaoRural1,6321,509 CoastalBualan Island
156615004 DungonRural6,3733,500 CoastalBucutua Island
156615005 KahikukukRural1,8931,367 CoastalBualan Island
156615006 Luuk (Pob.)Rural1,6451,470 Población-CoastalTongkil Island
156615007 Paarol North Rural1,9201,263 CoastalParol Island
156615010 Paarol South Rural3,1042,354 CoastalSimpak Island
156615009 SigumbalRural3,0591,202 CoastalTongkil Island
156615011 TabialanRural3,9781,925 CoastalTongkil Island
156615012 Tainga-BakkaoRural2,3161,971 CoastalBucutua Island
156615013 Tambun-bunRural2,0541,605 CoastalBualan Island
156615015 TattalanRural2,3401,892 CoastalTatalan Island
156615014 TinutunganRural1,9861,615 CoastalBucutua Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Banguingui (Tongkil) (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156606000

2020 Population: 7,906

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156606012 Bangas (Pob.)Rural2,0521,995 Población-CoastalCabucan Island
156606002 BubuanRural950930 CoastalBubuan Island
156606003 KabuukanRural2,4921,610 CoastalCabucan Island
156606008 Pag-asinanRural1,6081,147 CoastalPagasinan Island
156606015 TeomabalRural804693 CoastalTeomabal Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Hadji Panglima Tahil (Marunggas) (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156601000

2020 Population: 93,168

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156601001 AdjidRural2,2382,030 InlandJolo Island
156601002 BangalanRural1,7441,734 InlandJolo Island
156601003 Bato-batoRural4,8104,744 InlandJolo Island
156601004 BuanzaUrban5,8423,879 InlandJolo Island
156601005 Bud-TaranRural1,1601,154 InlandJolo Island
156601006 BunutRural2,2001,858 InlandJolo Island
156601007 Jati-TunggalRural1,5901,454 InlandJolo Island
156601008 Kabbon MaasRural1,5061,415 InlandJolo Island
156601010 KagayRural2,4432,205 CoastalJolo Island
156601011 KajatianUrban18,43715,845 InlandJolo Island
156601012 Kan IslamRural2,1121,984 InlandJolo Island
156601013 Kandang TukayRural1,2581,122 InlandJolo Island
156601014 KarawanRural1,4861,280 InlandJolo Island
156601015 KatianRural1,4601,447 InlandJolo Island
156601016 KuppongRural2,0261,736 InlandJolo Island
156601017 LambayongRural1,3921,264 InlandJolo Island
156601018 LangpasRural2,4982,220 InlandJolo Island
156601019 LicupRural1,6491,422 InlandJolo Island
156601020 MalimbayaRural1,6221,491 InlandJolo Island
156601021 ManggisRural1,8901,869 InlandJolo Island
156601022 ManilopRural1,5051,315 InlandJolo Island
156601023 PaligueRural1,5021,296 InlandJolo Island
156601024 PanabuanRural1,9501,903 InlandJolo Island
156601028 Panglima Misuari (Sasak)Rural1,5361,278 InlandJolo Island
156601025 PasilRural2,6762,240 InlandJolo Island
156601026 Población (Indanan)Rural3,0042,618 Población-InlandJolo Island
156601027 Sapah MalaumRural1,6081,383 InlandJolo Island
156601036 SawakiRural1,148995 InlandJolo Island
156601029 SionoganRural3,3632,855 CoastalJolo Island
156601030 TagbakRural4,4972,690 InlandJolo Island
156601031 TimbanganRural5,4804,885 InlandJolo Island
156601032 Tubig DakulahRural2,2292,019 InlandJolo Island
156601033 Tubig ParangRural1,9871,936 InlandJolo Island
156601035 TumantangisRural1,3201,317 InlandJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Indanan and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156602000

2020 Population: 137,266

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156602001 Alat Urban11,36810,277 CoastalJolo Island
156602002 AsturiasUrban26,99723,085 InlandJolo Island
156602003 Bus-bus Urban38,65036,650 CoastalJolo Island
156602004 Chinese PierUrban7,7186,575 CoastalJolo Island
156602007 San RaymundoUrban17,05116,143 InlandJolo Island
156602008 Takut-takut Urban8,1237,500 CoastalJolo Island
156602009 Tulay Urban14,89113,891 InlandJolo Island
156602010 Walled City (Pob.) Urban12,46811,443 Población-CoastalJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Jolo and Capitol of Sulu and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156603000

2020 Population: 39,549

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156603002 KambingRural3,4302,386 CoastalJolo Island
156603004 KanlagayRural2,8262,599 CoastalJolo Island
156603013 Karungdong (Pob.)Urban5,9865,957 Población-CoastalJolo Island
156603017 Masjid BayleRural3,1622,602 InlandJolo Island
156603018 Masjid PunjunganRural3,9962,497 InlandJolo Island
156603010 PangRural5,7983,136 InlandJolo Island
156603011 Pangdan PangdanRural2,6012,501 InlandJolo Island
156603012 PitogoRural8,3546,665 CoastalJolo Island
156603016 TunggolRural3,3963,224 CoastalJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Kalingalan Caluang and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156617000

2020 Population: 29,043

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156617001 Alu Bus-BusRural2,9502,946 CoastalLugus Island
156617002 Alu-DuyongRural4,4693,683 CoastalLugus Island
156617003 Bas LugusRural984829 CoastalLugus Island
156617004 Gapas RugasanRural2,7391,060 CoastalLugus Island
156617005 Gapas Tubig TuwakRural895894 CoastalLugus Island
156617007 Huwit-huwit Bas NonokRural650648 CoastalLugus Island
156617006 Huwit-huwit ProperRural605531 CoastalLugus Island
156617008 Kutah ParangRural885880 CoastalLugus Island
156617009 LahaRural1,4421,144 CoastalLugus Island
156617010 LarapRural608544 CoastalLugus Island
156617011 Lugus ProperRural730604 CoastalLugus Island
156617012 MangkallayRural1,5551,552 CoastalLugus Island
156617013 MantanRural1,024927 CoastalLugus Island
156617014 PaitRural1,7981,681 CoastalLugus Island
156617015 Parian KayawanRural5,1821,584 CoastalLugus Island
156617016 SibulRural1,3101,306 CoastalLugus Island
156617017 TingkanganRural1,2171,084 CoastalLugus Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Lugus (Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156604000

2020 Population: 37,873

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156604004 BualRural2,4342,233 CoastalJolo Island
156604029 GuimbaunRural1,7311,544 CoastalJolo Island
156604007 Kan-BulakRural2,0141,875 InlandJolo Island
156604008 Kan-MindusRural2,8141,892 CoastalJolo Island
156604012 LambagoRural2,1701,172 InlandJolo Island
156604013 LianutanRural2,8972,387 CoastalJolo Island
156604014 LingahRural1,4311,249 InlandJolo Island
156604015 ManantiRural2,4692,261 InlandJolo Island
156604030 Niog-niogRural3,0312,594 InlandJolo Island
156604024 Tandu-BatoRural2,6502,376 CoastalJolo Island
156604021 Tubig-Puti (Pob.)Urban11,99610,635 Población-InlandJolo Island
156604028 Tulayan IslandRural2,2361,944 CoastalTulayan Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Luuk and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156605000

2020 Population: 59,597

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156605001 Anak JatiRural608558 InlandJolo Island
156605002 Bato UgisRural1,2501,237 CoastalJolo Island
156605003 Bualo LahiRural613525 InlandJolo Island
156605004 Bualo LipidRural2,3161,919 CoastalJolo Island
156605005 BulabogRural700674 InlandJolo Island
156605007 Duhol KabbonRural514459 InlandJolo Island
156605008 GulanganRural844731 InlandJolo Island
156605009 IpilRural845692 InlandJolo Island
156605010 KandangRural961761 InlandJolo Island
156605011 Kapok-PunggolRural995920 InlandJolo Island
156605012 KulasiRural5,0084,370 InlandJolo Island
156605013 LabahRural618549 InlandJolo Island
156605014 Lagasan AsibihRural1,098972 CoastalJolo Island
156605015 LantongRural1,3501,095 InlandJolo Island
156605020 LapaRural3,392631 InlandJolo Island
156605016 Laud KulasiRural9,7842,711 CoastalJolo Island
156605017 Laum MaimbungRural6522,337 InlandJolo Island
156605018 LunggangRural651595 InlandJolo Island
156605021 MatatalRural2,4791,806 InlandJolo Island
156605022 PataoRural1,5691,162 CoastalJolo Island
156605023 Población (Maimbung)Rural18,2139,086 Población-CoastalJolo Island
156605006 Ratag LimbonRural944854 InlandJolo Island
156605024 Tabu-BatoRural598559 InlandJolo Island
156605019 Tambaking Lower Rural505416 InlandJolo Island
156605027 Tambaking Upper Rural521466 InlandJolo Island
156605025 Tandu PatongRural1,495970 InlandJolo Island
156605026 Tubig-SaminRural1,074859 InlandJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Maimbung and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156607000

2020 Population: 49,849

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156607001 AsinRural1,6851,524 CoastalJolo Island
156607002 BakudRural1,2431,112 InlandJolo Island
156607003 BangdayRural986972 InlandJolo Island
156607004 BaunohRural1,2401,140 InlandJolo Island
156607005 BitanagRural954834 InlandJolo Island
156607006 Bud SeitRural904791 InlandJolo Island
156607007 BulangsiRural1,5151,336 CoastalJolo Island
156607008 DatagRural881739 InlandJolo Island
156607011 KamaligRural1,4821,340 CoastalJolo Island
156607014 Kan-AsaaliRural1,082921 InlandJolo Island
156607015 Kan-DayokRural1,4501,444 InlandJolo Island
156607016 Kan-SipatRural856685 CoastalJolo Island
156607013 Kan UkolRural1,1211,055 InlandJolo Island
156607017 KawasanRural821719 InlandJolo Island
156607018 Kulay-kulayRural1,9491,900 CoastalJolo Island
156607019 LakitRural813696 CoastalJolo Island
156607023 LunggangRural972836 InlandJolo Island
156607027 ParangRural1,0401,027 InlandJolo Island
156607028 Patibulan Lower Rural1,1881,019 CoastalJolo Island
156607029 Patibulan UpperRural1,8251,639 InlandJolo Island
156607030 Pugad ManaulRural1,2081,054 InlandJolo Island
156607031 PuhaganRural1,1491,018 InlandJolo Island
156607033 Seit HigadRural1,141740 InlandJolo Island
156607034 Seit Lake (Pob.)Rural2,2992,139 Población-InlandJolo Island
156607036 Su-uhUrban13,7328,789 CoastalJolo Island
156607037 Tabu ManukRural1,5201,350 InlandJolo Island
156607038 Tandu-tanduRural805706 InlandJolo Island
156607039 TayunganRural1,2651,089 InlandJolo Island
156607040 TinahRural601501 InlandJolo Island
156607042 Tubig GantangRural1,3201,179 InlandJolo Island
156607043 Tubig JatiRural802704 InlandJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Old Panamao and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156619000

2020 Population: 28,070

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156619001 Andalan Rural1,4461,403 CoastalJolo Island
156619002 AngilanRural3,4883,149 CoastalJolo Island
156619003 Capual Island Urban7,2976,119 CoastalCapual Island
156619004 Huwit-huwit Rural2,8532,522 CoastalJolo Island
156619005 Lahing-Lahing Rural2,9982,898 CoastalJolo Island
156619006 NiangkaanRural4,2004,132 CoastalJolo Island
156619007 Sucuban Rural3,1802,404 CoastalJolo Island
156619008 Tangkuan Rural2,6082,489 CoastalJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Omar and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156619000

2020 Population: 33,177

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156618001 BaligtangRural1,3241,247 CoastalLapac Island
156618003 HambilanRural4,9824,109 CoastalLapac Island
156618004 KabbonRural1,3141,113 InlandLapac Island
156618005 LahiRural1,5161,302 CoastalLapac Island
156618006 LapakRural2,3081,937 CoastalLapac Island
156618007 MalantaRural1,5131,264 CoastalLapac Island
156618008 MamanokRural882747 CoastalDammi Island
156618009 Manubul North Rural4,4873,857 CoastalManubul Island
156618013 Manubul SouthRural2,088673 CoastalManubul Island
156618015 Manubul Tenga Rural1,069976 CoastalManubul Island
156618010 Parian DakulaRural2,1181,739 CoastalLapac Island
156618002 Sibaud Bud Rural1,2441,058 CoastalSibaud Island
156618016 Sibaud LaudRural830685 CoastalSibaud Island
156618011 Sibaud ProperRural1,088759 CoastalSibaud Island
156618012 SiganggangRural4,3382,432 CoastalLapac Island
156618014 Suba-subaRural2,0761,987 CoastalLapac Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Pandami (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156616000

2020 Population: 34,249

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156616001 GagguilRural1,8161,630 InlandJolo Island
156616002 Gata-gataRural3,2622,227 InlandJolo Island
156616009 JingganRural2,0721,807 CoastalJolo Island
156616003 Kamih-PungudRural1,6441,481 InlandJolo Island
156616004 Lihbug KabawRural2,0941,944 InlandJolo Island
156616010 LikbahRural1,6671,570 InlandJolo Island
156616005 Lubuk-lubukRural2,5942,319 CoastalJolo Island
156616011 MarsadaRural1,5841,446 CoastalJolo Island
156616012 PaiksaRural2,0791,830 CoastalJolo Island
156616006 PandakanRural3,9853,235 InlandJolo Island
156616007 Punay (Pob.)Urban9,3777,500 Población-CoastalJolo Island
156616008 TiptiponRural2,0751,828 InlandJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Panglima Estino (New Panamao) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156608000

2020 Population: 36,374

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156608001 Alu BunahRural840770 CoastalNorth Ubian Island
156608003 BangkilayRural2,2041,510 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608004 KawitanRural2,2622,031 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608005 Kehi NiogRural1,9181,886 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608006 Lantong BabagRural2,0201,846 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608007 Lumah DapdapRural2,8232,617 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608009 Pandan NiogRural4,0242,800 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608010 PanducanRural2,5792,341 CoastalPanducan Island
156608011 PanitikanRural1,9561,487 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608012 PatutolRural1,2401,111 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608014 Se-ipangRural1,4731,301 InlandPangutaran Island
156608013 Simbahan (Pob.)Rural5,6364,871 Población-CoastalPangutaran Island
156608016 Suang BunahRural1,5511,364 CoastalCap Island
156608017 TonggasangRural1,3091,187 CoastalPanducan Island
156608018 Tubig NonokRural1,8051,572 CoastalPangutaran Island
156608019 Tubig SallangRural2,7341,919 CoastalPangutaran Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Pangutaran (Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156609000

2020 Population: 71,495

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156609024 Alu Layag-LayagRural4,5873,652 CoastalJolo Island
156609002 Alu PangkohRural2,9092,386 InlandJolo Island
156609003 BagsakRural2,1331,891 InlandJolo Island
156609004 BawisanRural3,0442,821 CoastalJolo Island
156609005 BiidRural1,1621,044 InlandJolo Island
156609006 BukidRural890884 InlandJolo Island
156609008 Buli BawangRural1,3221,021 InlandJolo Island
156609009 ButonRural1,4371,339 CoastalJolo Island
156609010 Buton MahabloRural1,1871,067 CoastalJolo Island
156609011 DanapaRural1,2021,104 InlandJolo Island
156609012 Duyan KabaoRural1,109946 InlandJolo Island
156609013 Gimba LagasanRural2,3201,516 InlandJolo Island
156609001 KahaRural2,5252,328 InlandJolo Island
156609015 Kahoy SinahRural1,7371,580 InlandJolo Island
156609016 KanawayRural3,6372,885 InlandJolo Island
156609017 Kutah SairapRural1,6071,475 InlandJolo Island
156609019 Lagasan HigadRural1,6181,410 InlandJolo Island
156609044 Lanao DakulaRural1,4481,337 InlandJolo Island
156609021 Laum BuwahanRural1,3791,293 InlandJolo Island
156609023 Laum SuwahRural1,6681,289 CoastalJolo Island
156609025 LiangRural1,5241,396 InlandJolo Island
156609026 LinuhoRural1,084980 InlandJolo Island
156609027 LipunosRural2,4261,754 InlandJolo Island
156609029 Lumbaan MahabaRural2,1421,502 InlandJolo Island
156609028 Lungan GitongRural1,4731,321 CoastalJolo Island
156609030 Lupa AbuRural2,0671,863 InlandJolo Island
156609031 NonokanRural2,2322,022 InlandJolo Island
156609032 PauganRural813724 InlandJolo Island
156609033 PayuhanRural1,6901,684 InlandJolo Island
156609034 PiyahanRural1,6381,555 InlandJolo Island
156609035 Población (Parang)Rural2,5972,235 InlandJolo Island
156609036 SaldangRural1,2371,166 InlandJolo Island
156609037 SampunayRural1,2851,179 InlandJolo Island
156609045 Sampunay Lower  Rural1,3341,247 InlandJolo Island
156609038 SilangkanRural1,8511,703 InlandJolo Island
156609039 TaingtingRural1,4071,352 InlandJolo Island
156609040 TikongRural1,2541,154 InlandJolo Island
156609041 TukayRural1,4781,311 InlandJolo Island
156609042 TumangasRural1,6621,382 CoastalJolo Island
156609043 Wanni PiyanjihanRural1,3801,374 InlandJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Parang and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156610000

2020 Population: 24,736

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156610001 AndalanRural855734 CoastalPata Island
156610003 DaungdongRural2,0181,793 CoastalDongdong Island
156610004 KamawiRural1,0891,013 CoastalKamawi Island
156610005 KanjarangRural1,5151,371 CoastalPata Island
156610006 Kayawan (Pob.)Rural1,9011,504 Población-CoastalPata Island
156610007 KiputRural1,6061,425 CoastalPata Island
156610008 LikudRural1,3071,142 CoastalPata Island
156610009 Luuk-tulayRural1,4891,342 CoastalPata Island
156610010 Niog-niogRural1,3281,109 CoastalPata Island
156610011 PatianRural929717 CoastalPatian Island
156610012 Pisak-pisakRural2,1461,895 CoastalPata Island
156610013 SaimbangonRural4,4964,398 CoastalPata Island
156610014 SangkapRural2,0481,801 CoastalPata Island
156610015 TimuddasRural2,0091,919 CoastalPata Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Pata (Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156611000

2020 Population: 79,564

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156611001 AnulingUrban24,87417,504 InlandJolo Island
156611002 BakongRural739677 InlandJolo Island
156611003 BangkalRural3,8892,882 InlandJolo Island
156611004 BonbonRural1,6981,223 CoastalJolo Island
156611005 Buhanginan (Darayan)Rural1,5511,357 CoastalJolo Island
156611006 BungkaungRural1,1201,105 InlandJolo Island
156611007 DanagRural1,5751,375 InlandJolo Island
156611030 GandasuliRural3,3932,714 CoastalJolo Island
156611008 IgasanRural1,4751,469 CoastalJolo Island
156611009 Kabbon TakasRural956870 InlandJolo Island
156611010 Kadday MampallamRural1,3371,197 CoastalJolo Island
156611011 Kan AgueRural1,7801,638 InlandJolo Island
156611012 KaunayanRural943690 InlandJolo Island
156611013 LanghubRural1,1451,036 InlandJolo Island
156611014 LatihRural7,9136,089 InlandJolo Island
156611015 LiangRural3,1003,077 InlandJolo Island
156611016 MaligayRural860761 InlandJolo Island
156611017 MaubohRural4,1803,711 CoastalJolo Island
156611018 PangdanonRural985979 CoastalJolo Island
156611019 PanglayahanRural640636 InlandJolo Island
156611020 PansulRural1,4741,374 CoastalJolo Island
156611021 Patikul HigadRural1,005931 CoastalJolo Island
156611022 SandahRural632550 InlandJolo Island
156611023 Taglibi (Pob.)Rural2,2401,893 Población-InlandJolo Island
156611024 Tandu-BaguaRural3,338794 InlandJolo Island
156611025 TanumRural1,6851,682 InlandJolo Island
156611026 TaungRural1,3841,201 CoastalJolo Island
156611027 TimpokRural1,4351,187 CoastalJolo Island
156611028 TugasRural709635 InlandJolo Island
156611029 UmangayRural1,5091,050 InlandJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Patikul and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156612000

2020 Population: 81,689

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156612001 Bakud Rural947875 InlandSiasi Island
156612004 BuanRural2,7762,551 CoastalSiasi Island
156612007 BulihkullulRural870777 CoastalBulihkullul Island
156612067 Bulikullul SouthwesternRural752618 CoastalParangan Island
156612008 Campo Islam Rural2,8562,113 InlandSiasi Island
156612010 Duggo Rural2,1262,085 CoastalSiasi Island
156612015 IpilRural762722 CoastalSiasi Island
156612016 Jambangan Rural894798 CoastalSiasi Island
156612018 KabubuRural1,070931 CoastalSiasi Island
156612020 Kud-kud Rural1,2461,087 CoastalKud-kud Island
156612012 Kungtad East Rural1,2781,049 InlandSiasi Island
156612021 Kungtad West Rural1,4881,044 InlandSiasi Island
156612019 Laminusa Kong-Kong Rural1,6861,202 CoastalLaminusa Island
156612023 Laminusa Luuk Rural1,442831 CoastalLaminusa Island
156612080 Laminusa Puukan  Rural2,328669 CoastalLaminusa Island
156612070 Laminusa TampakanRural2,8621,581 CoastalLaminusa Island
156612071 Laminusa Tengah Rural1,5901,398 CoastalLaminusa Island
156612072 Laminusa TongRural2,9222,520 CoastalLaminusa Island
156612025 Latung Rural2,9552,732 CoastalSiasi Island
156612030 Manta Rural1,3591,259 CoastalSiasi Island
156612038 Manta North  Rural749683 CoastalSiasi Island
156612032 Minapan Rural2,6412,424 InlandSiasi Island
156612040 Musu Laud NorthRural953874 CoastalNorth Musu Laud Island
156612065 Musu Laud SouthRural738597 CoastalSouth Musu Laud Island
156612035 Nipa-nipa Rural826757 InlandSiasi Island
156612037 North Laud Rural3,1982,846 CoastalSiasi Island
156612046 PislongRural987882 InlandSiasi Island
156612009 Población (Campo Baro) Rural5,9224,525 Población-InlandSiasi Island
156612042 Punungan Rural934629 CoastalPunungan Islet
156612048 Ratag Rural2,1161,965 InlandSiasi Island
156612049 Sablay Rural1,031911 CoastalSiasi Island
156612050 Sarukot Rural1,1511,017 CoastalSarukot island
156612053 Siburi Rural978779 InlandSiasi Island
156612041 Silumpak NorthRural620405 CoastalNorth Silumpak Island
156612066 Silumpak SouthRural1,5601,145 CoastalSouth Silumpak Island
156612056 Singko Rural935864 InlandSiasi Island
156612057 Siolakan Rural2,0302,025 InlandSiasi Island
156612059 Siowing Rural1,3261,208 CoastalSiasi Island
156612060 Sipanding Rural1,6171,490 CoastalSiasi Island
156612061 Sisangat Rural1,035857 CoastalSisangat Island
156612013 Sisangat East Rural1,3061,133 CoastalSisangat Island
156612058 Siundoh Rural866737 CoastalSiasi Island
156612069 Subah Buaya Rural3,8923,220 CoastalSiasi Island
156612006 Tara BulansingRural726640 CoastalTara Island
156612011 Tara DuholRural1,1091,001 CoastalTara Island
156612026 Tara Luuk Rural766706 CoastalTara Island
156612074 Tonglabah Rural1,193962 CoastalTonglabah Island
156612073 Tong-tong Rural2,2362,086 CoastalSiasi Island
156612075 Tubig Kutah Rural906830 InlandSiasi Island
156612076 Tulling Rural3,1332,665 CoastalSiasi Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Siasi (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156613000

2020 Population: 100,088

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156613001 AndalanRural2,6692,404 InlandJolo Island
156613002 Bagsak Rural2,0571,848 InlandJolo Island
156613003 Bandang Rural1,6131,413 InlandJolo Island
156613004 Bilaan (Pob.) Urban6,0123,730 Población-InlandJolo Island
156613029 Binuang Lower Rural1,4731,336 InlandJolo Island
156613060 Binuang Upper Rural1,7171,501 InlandJolo Island
156613007 Bud Bunga Rural1,8761,579 InlandJolo Island
156613008 BuntodRural3,2902,678 InlandJolo Island
156613009 Buroh Rural1,2161,087 InlandJolo Island
156613010 Dalih Rural1,9651,376 InlandJolo Island
156613011 GataRural1,7631,462 InlandJolo Island
156613059 Kabatuhan BilaanRural2,4301,423 InlandJolo Island
156613014 Kabatuhan TiisRural1,9061,563 InlandJolo Island
156613015 KabungkolRural1,7341,370 InlandJolo Island
156613016 KagayRural1,7371,493 InlandJolo Island
156613017 KahawaRural1,6521,366 InlandJolo Island
156613030 Kamuntayan LowerRural1,1491,077 InlandJolo Island
156613055 Kamuntayan Upper  Rural1,2151,067 InlandJolo Island
156613018 Kandaga Rural1,5091,325 InlandJolo Island
156613019 Kanlibot Rural2,3101,882 InlandJolo Island
156613020 KiutaanRural1,7381,533 InlandJolo Island
156613021 Kuhaw Rural2,3181,862 InlandJolo Island
156613023 Kulamboh Rural1,5101,301 InlandJolo Island
156613024 Kuttong Rural1,1821,010 InlandJolo Island
156613025 LagtohRural1,7961,629 InlandJolo Island
156613026 Lambanah Rural2,0351,420 InlandJolo Island
156613031 Laus Lower Rural1,3791,189 InlandJolo Island
156613056 Laus UpperRural1,023847 InlandJolo Island
156613027 Liban Rural2,1881,773 InlandJolo Island
156613028 Liu-Bud Pantao Rural1,1431,031 InlandJolo Island
156613035 Lumbayao Rural1,5881,357 InlandJolo Island
156613036 Lumping Pigih Daho Rural1,5091,314 InlandJolo Island
156613037 Lungkiaban Rural2,2852,121 InlandJolo Island
156613038 Mabahay Rural1,8141,489 CoastalJolo Island
156613039 Mahala Rural2,0741,741 InlandJolo Island
156613040 MampallamRural1,8701,570 InlandJolo Island
156613041 MarsadaRural2,0531,852 InlandJolo Island
156613042 Mauboh Rural1,4951,293 InlandJolo Island
156613043 Mungit-mungitRural2,0421,691 InlandJolo Island
156613044 Niog-SangahanRural1,3521,217 InlandJolo Island
156613045 Pantao Rural1,7631,513 InlandJolo Island
156613047 Samak Rural1,6681,249 InlandJolo Island
156613032 Sinumaan LowerRural1,9841,777 InlandJolo Island
156613057 Sinumaan Upper Rural1,4371,158 InlandJolo Island
156613033 Talipao Lower Rural2,4241,501 InlandJolo Island
156613048 Talipao Proper Rural2,5881,911 InlandJolo Island
156613058 Talipao Upper Rural1,6071,060 InlandJolo Island
156613049 Tampakan Rural1,9131,657 InlandJolo Island
156613051 Tiis Rural1,9711,566 InlandJolo Island
156613052 Tinggah Rural1,6391,392 InlandJolo Island
156613053 Tubod Rural1,4771,198 InlandJolo Island
156613054 Tuyang Rural3,9302,053 CoastalJolo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Talipao and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 156614000

2020 Population: 20,799

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island: 
156614013 Alu-KabingaanRural1,7641,599 CoastalPaquia Island
156614003 BantingRural1,006677 CoastalTapul Island
156614010 HawanRural1,2411,135 CoastalTapul Island
156614014 Kalang (Pob.)Rural2,7932,560 Población-CoastalTapul Island
156614016 KamaunggiRural1,7341,613 CoastalTapul Island
156614018 KanawayRural1,260751 CoastalTapul Island
156614017 KanmangonRural1,009934 CoastalTapul Island
156614019 KaumpangRural745712 CoastalTapul Island
156614025 PagatpatRural1,1491,034 CoastalTapul Island
156614027 PangdanRural1,9381,708 CoastalTapul Island
156614028 PuokRural1,3411,196 CoastalTapul Island
156614030 SayliRural878773 InlandTapul Island
156614032 SumambatRural665663 CoastalTapul Island
156614033 TangkapaanRural1,5681,261 CoastalTapul Island
156614035 TulakanRural1,7081,581 CoastalTapul Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Tapul (Island) and its barangays.
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