Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128000000

Sarangani is a province located in the Soccsksargen region in the southern part of the Philippines, on the island of Mindanao. Its provincial capital is the municipality of Alabel.

The province is divided into two parts, separated by the Sarangani Bay and General Santos City, which are found at the head of the bay. Known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, Sarangani offers a unique blend of experiences for travelers and locals alike.

The province has a strong indigenous culture, with several ethnic groups including the Tboli, the Blaan, and the Tagakaolo, each preserving their traditional customs, languages, and crafts. These cultures contribute to the vibrant cultural tapestry that can be experienced in the festivals and daily life of the province.

Sarangani’s geography is diverse, featuring coastlines with pristine beaches, marine sanctuaries, and a hinterland adorned with mountains and rolling hills. The coastal areas are perfect for water activities such as swimming, diving, and beachcombing, particularly in spots like Gumasa Beach, which is often referred to as the “Small Boracay of Mindanao” due to its white sandy shores.

For nature enthusiasts, the province is home to several protected landscapes, such as the Sarangani Bay Protected Seascape, which is rich in marine biodiversity, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving to explore the colorful aquatic life. In the hinterlands, Mount Busa offers a challenging trek for adventure seekers as well as an opportunity to engage with the indigenous people who consider the mountain sacred.

Economically, Sarangani is an agricultural province with a significant portion of its population engaged in fishing and farming. The annual Sarangani Bay Festival showcases the province’s cultural richness and natural resources, serving to promote local tourism and industry.

Education and sports also receive a special focus in Sarangani, especially with the advocacy efforts of local officials like the boxer-turned-politician Manny Pacquiao, who hails from the area.

In summary, the province of Sarangani in the Philippines is a destination that truly offers something for everyone – a place where one can appreciate the beauty of nature, the depth of cultural heritage, and the warmth of the local communities.

Sarangani is a coastal province and is split into west and east halves it is composed of:


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Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128001000

2020 Population: 88,294

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
128001001 AlegriaUrban8,8997,8489,424.82Inland
128001002 BagacayRural4,6473,3101,542.83Inland
128001003 BaluntayRural4,7364,3461,108.81Inland
128001004 Datal AnggasUrban6,0837,67210,301.77Inland
128001005 DomolokRural5,4324,37110,299.51Inland
128001006 KawasUrban7,0096,3371,364.40Coastal
128001013 LadolUrban5,1144,099138.59Coastal
128001007 MaribulanUrban7,2996,5261,851.82Coastal
128001008 Pag-AsaUrban8,4637,5878,365.60Inland
128001009 ParaisoRural2,1392,3072,816.31Inland
128001010 Población (Alabel)Urban19,44018,104767.34Población-Coastal
128001011 SpringRural5,6354,4301,290.22Coastal
128001012 TokawalRural3,3983,4221,826.25Inland
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:
Overview of the Municipality of Alabel and Capitol of Sarangani and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128002000

2020 Population: 109,547

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
128002001 BalitonUrban6,1086,870 Inland
128002002 BatotulingRural1,0411,472 Inland
128002003 BatulakiRural1,9951,858 Coastal
128002005 BuriasRural2,9653,530 Coastal
128002006 CablalanRural3,2343,067 Inland
128002007 CalabanitRural6,0106,189 Coastal
128002008 CalpidongRural1,8962,427 Inland
128002009 ConganRural2,3463,149 Inland
128002010 CrossRural2,1902,155 Inland
128002011 DatalbukayRural6,0696,732 Inland
128002012 E. AlegadoRural4,0654,942 Inland
128002013 Glan PadiduRural4,6744,664 Coastal
128002014 GumasaRural3,3923,314 Coastal
128002015 IlayaRural4,5664,688 Inland
128002016 KaltuadRural2,3202,470 Coastal
128002017 KapatanRural3,4813,305 Inland
128002018 LagoRural1,8732,194 Coastal
128002019 LaguimitUrban3,4853,482 Inland
128002004 Margus, Big (Grande) Rural4,7324,700 Coastal
128002027 Margus, Small (Pequeno)Rural3,4343,899 Coastal
128002020 MudanRural2,3692,654 Inland
128002021 New AklanRural1,8111,886 Inland
128002022 PangyanUrban6,8586,643 Inland
128002023 Población (Glan)Urban7,5829,812 Población-Coastal
128002024 Rio Del PilarRural1,4911,459 Inland
128002025 San JoseRural1,6641,760 Coastal
128002026 San VicenteRural3,2133,381 Inland
128002028 SufatuboRural2,4842,571 Coastal
128002029 TaluyaUrban6,5836,886 Inland
128002030 TangoRural2,4812,980 Inland
128002031 TaponRural3,1353,12 Inland
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Glan and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128003000

2020 Population: 65,774

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
128003001 BadtasanRural2,9932,777 Coastal
128003002 Datu DaniRural2,6402,324 Coastal
128003003 GasiRural1,7891,743 Inland
128003004 KapateRural2,1632,070 Coastal
128003005 KatubaoRural5,6064,686 Coastal
128003006 KayupoRural4,7783,986 Inland
128003007 Kling (Lumit)Rural591853 Inland
128003008 LagundiRural2,4742,094 Coastal
128003009 LebeRural1,025929 Coastal
128003010 LomuyonRural5,5554,823 Coastal
128003011 LumaRural1,4861,352 Coastal
128003012 MaligangRural2,4852,258 Inland
128003013 NalusRural5,0384,897 Inland
128003014 PoblaciónUrban12,71412,726 Población-Coastal
128003015 SalakitRural2,1562,063 Coastal
128003016 SuliRural2,6902,671 Inland
128003017 TablaoRural1,3981,281 Inland
128003018 TamadangRural1,8681,908 Inland
128003019 TambililRural6,3255,617 Inland
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Kiamba and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128004000

2020 Population: 64,940

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
128004001 AmsipitRural5,1374,367 Inland
128004002 BalesRural1,4451,056 Inland
128004003 ColonRural5,7325,470 Inland
128004004 DaliaoRural3,5633,515 Inland
128004005 KabatiolRural3,2372,983 Inland
128004006 KablacanUrban8,3056,755 Coastal
128004007 KamangaRural4,2234,005 Coastal
128004008 KanaloRural2,0011,626 Inland
128004009 LumasalRural4,8524,591 Coastal
128004010 LumatilRural2,8572,501 Inland
128004011 MalbangRural3,9883,621 Coastal
128004012 NomohRural3,2262,954 Inland
128004013 PananagRural1,7271,686 Coastal
128004014 Población (Maasim)Urban7,5387,943 Población-Coastal
128004015 Seven HillsRural515515 Inland
128004016 TinotoRural6,5945,880 Coastal
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Maasim and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128005000

2020 Population: 44,185

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
128005001 Bati-anRural1,0691,037 Inland
128005002 KalanegRural1,7041,575 Coastal
128005003 KalaongRural2,7282,538 Inland
128005004 KiambingRural1,1771,032 Coastal
128005005 KiayapRural1,6161,258 Inland
128005006 MabayRural4,3893,842 Coastal
128005007 MagulingRural2,6722,729 Inland
128005008 Malalag (Pob.)Rural4,1384,451 Población-Coastal
128005009 MindupokRural3,1813,564 Coastal
128005010 New La UnionRural1,1931,264 Inland
128005011 Old Población (Maitum)Rural4,6724,458 Inland
128005012 Pangi (Linao)Rural1,1221,072 Coastal
128005013 PinolRural1,8653,248 Inland
128005014 Sison (Edenton)Rural2,8212,011 Coastal
128005015 TiculabRural1,5121,774 Coastal
128005016 TuanadatuRural1,9642,703 Inland
128005017 Upo (Lanao)Rural2,6442,794 Inland
128005018 Wali (Kambuhan)Rural2,0111,584 Inland
128005019 ZionRural1,7071,661 Inland
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Maitum and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128006000

2020 Population: 80,741

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:
128006002 KihanRural4,0293,966 Inland
128006003 KinamUrban12,77910,830 Inland
128006004 LibiRural2,1952,272 Coastal
128006005 Lun MaslaRural5,2504,718 Inland
128006006 Lun PadiduUrban12,17710,226 Coastal
128006007 PatagRural2,0952,269 Coastal
128006008 Población (Malapatan)Urban16,25915,920 Población-Coastal
128006009 Sapu Masla (Grande)Urban7,5427,763 Coastal
128006010 Sapu Padidu (Pequeno)Rural2,8533,215 Coastal
128006001 Suyan Daan Urban4,1634,078 Inland
128006012 Suyan Upper Rural4,9855,317 Inland
128006011 TuyanUrban6,4146,340 Coastal
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Malapatan and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 128007000

2020 Population: 105,465

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Landlocked:
128007001 AlkikanRural1,2041,161 Landlocked
128007002 AmponRural2,0551,893 Landlocked
128007003 AtlaeRural2,3122,188 Landlocked
128007004 BanahawRural2,0891,999 Landlocked
128007005 BanateRural3,9444,134 Landlocked
128007006 B’LaanRural1,5671,482 Landlocked
128007007 Datal BatongRural3,0982,536 Landlocked
128007008 Datal BilaRural8851,249 Landlocked
128007009 Datal TampalRural3,2492,913 Landlocked
128007010 J.P. LaurelRural2,7312,943 Landlocked
128007011 KawayanRural2,1471,712 Landlocked
128007012 KibalaRural757739 Landlocked
128007013 KiblatRural2,4522,508 Landlocked
128007014 KinabalanRural2,0962,107 Landlocked
128007016 LutayRural4,0554,355 Landlocked
128007015 Mainit LowerRural2,2052,344 Landlocked
128007031 Mainit Upper Rural3,8174,291 Landlocked
128007017 MalabodRural1,5411,524 Landlocked
128007018 Malalag CogonRural4,8754,512 Landlocked
128007019 MalandagUrban15,97515,071 Landlocked
128007020 Malungon GamayRural2,8952,963 Landlocked
128007021 NagpanRural3,4973,298 Landlocked
128007022 PanaminRural1,6851,757 Landlocked
128007023 PoblaciónUrban9,8829,895 Landlocked
128007024 San JuanRural1,4951,185 Landlocked
128007025 San MiguelRural2,8552,892 Landlocked
128007026 San RoqueRural4,5214,105 Landlocked
128007027 TalusRural2,3182,774 Landlocked
128007028 TambanUrban8,2788,219 Landlocked
128007029 Upper Biangan Rural3,0402,717 Landlocked
128007030 Upper Lumabat  Rural1,9452,138 Landlocked
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Malungon and its barangays.
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