Province of Siquijor:

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 76100000

Discover Siquijor: The Island Province of Mystic Charm

Bathed in mystery and folklore, the Province of Siquijor is a captivating destination that lies in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. Known for its scenic beauty, enchanting waterfalls, white sandy beaches, and coral reefs, Siquijor was once called “Isla del Fuego” (Island of Fire) by the Spanish colonizers because of the glow given off by myriad fireflies nestled in molave trees.

Siquijor’s Rich Cultural Tapestry

Siquijor’s culture is deeply interwoven with myths and legends, with traditional healers, known locally as “mangkukulam,” still practicing age-old rituals. The island’s mystique is an integral part of its identity, drawing visitors who are curious about its traditional healing methods, especially during the Holy Week when healers gather for a yearly festival.

Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders

Cambugahay Falls: Perhaps Siquijor’s most famous natural attraction, Cambugahay Falls cascades over three tiers, creating swimming pools with clear, turquoise water. It’s a refreshing oasis where visitors can swing from a rope and plunge into the cool waters below.

Salagdoong Beach: This is a place for thrill-seekers. The beach is not only perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling but also known for its cliff diving spots, with platforms built into the rock for those wanting to jump into the deep blue sea.

Cantabon Cave: Adventurous souls can explore the depths of Cantabon Cave, a subterranean realm studded with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave’s interior is stunning, and guided tours provide the opportunity to delve into the heart of the island.

Historical Highlights

San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent: This is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The church exhibits old Spanish architecture and has been well-preserved, standing as a testament to the island’s rich history.

Lazi Church and Convent: Another historical edifice, the Lazi Convent is considered one of the largest and oldest convents in Asia, showcasing Filipino-Spanish colonial architecture.

Mystical Festivals and Events

Each town in Siquijor has its festivals, but the most magical of them all is the Healing Festival held during Holy Week. This event is a convergence of healing traditions where herbalists and healers share their mystical practices.

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

As tourism continues to grow, there is a concerted effort to promote sustainable travel to protect Siquijor’s natural beauty. Visitors are encouraged to respect local customs, preserve the natural environments they explore, and help maintain the island’s serenity.

Siquijor is not only enchanting due to its folklore; it is a place of untamed beauty and gentle people who are proud of their homeland. Exploring this island province offers an unforgettable blend of cultural richness and natural splendor that resonates with the soul of every traveler.

Siquijor is an island province in the southern portion of the region and is composed of:

Municipalities:Barangay (of which are Island Barangays:
6134 (134)

By HueMan1 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Enrique Villanueva: Municipality  

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 76101000

2020 Population: 6,790

PSGC #Brgy. #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
76101001 BalolongRural145137 InlandSiquijor Island
76101002 Bino-onganRural498464 CoastalSiquijor Island
76101003 BitaugRural1,012832 InlandSiquijor Island
76101004 BolotRural202161 CoastalSiquijor Island
76101005 CamogaoRural352302 InlandSiquijor Island
76101006 CangmangkiRural449438 CoastalSiquijor Island
76101007 LiboRural938780 CoastalSiquijor Island
76101008 LomangcapanRural744708 CoastalSiquijor Island
76101009 LotlotonRural492482 CoastalSiquijor Island
76101010 Manan-aoRural180140 InlandSiquijor Island
76101011 OlaveRural208184 InlandSiquijor Island
76101012 ParianRural206190 InlandSiquijor Island
76101013 PoblaciónRural530502 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76101014 TulaposRural834784 InlandSiquijor Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Enrique Villanueva and its barangays.

Larena: Municipality 

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 76102000

2020 Population: 14,454

PSGC #Brgy. #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
76102001 BagacayRural593546 CoastalSiquijor Island
76102002 BalolangRural343340 InlandSiquijor Island
76102003 BasacRural1,0221,004 InlandSiquijor Island
76102004 BintanganRural350326 InlandSiquijor Island
76102005 BontodRural571489 InlandSiquijor Island
76102006 CabulihanRural318310 InlandSiquijor Island
76102007 CalunasanRural401381 InlandSiquijor Island
76102008 CandigumRural426340 InlandSiquijor Island
76102009 Cang-allasRural386331 InlandSiquijor Island
76102010 Cang-apaRural454321 InlandSiquijor Island
76102011 CangbagsaRural1,039980 InlandSiquijor Island
76102012 CangmalalagRural465429 CoastalSiquijor Island
76102013 CanlamboRural779739 CoastalSiquijor Island
76102014 CanlasogRural329322 InlandSiquijor Island
76102015 CatamboanRural545482 InlandSiquijor Island
76102016 Helen (Datag)Rural1,3481,243 CoastalSiquijor Island
76102017 NonocRural1,1761,084 InlandSiquijor Island
76102018 Población North Urban8611,264 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76102019 Población South Urban827872 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76102020 PonongRural302274 InlandSiquijor Island
76102021 SabangRural451385 InlandSiquijor Island
76102022 SanduganRural1,0771,013 CoastalSiquijor Island
76102023 TaculingRural391372 CoastalSiquijor Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Larena and its barangays.

Lazi: Municipality 

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 76103000

2020 Population: 22,488

PSGC #Brgy. #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
76103009 Cabangcalan Lower Rural1,053952 CoastalSiquijor Island
76103017 Cabangcalan UpperRural770631 InlandSiquijor Island
76103001 CampalanasRural2,2151,979 InlandSiquijor Island
76103002 CangclaranRural598539 InlandSiquijor Island
76103003 CangomantongRural1,1301,088 InlandSiquijor Island
76103004 CapalasananRural1,2861,145 InlandSiquijor Island
76103005 Catamboan (Pob.)Rural1,8091,633 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76103006 GabayanRural2,0971,970 CoastalSiquijor Island
76103007 KimbaRural828725 InlandSiquijor Island
76103008 KinamandaganRural1,039992 InlandSiquijor Island
76103010 NagerongRural1,5621,346 CoastalSiquijor Island
76103011 Po-oRural746704 InlandSiquijor Island
76103012 SimacolongRural2,1201,777 CoastalSiquijor Island
76103013 TagmanocanRural930927 InlandSiquijor Island
76103014 TalayongRural661634 InlandSiquijor Island
76103015 Tigbawan (Pob.)Rural1,6421,605 CoastalSiquijor Island
76103016 TignaoRural957914 CoastalSiquijor Island
76103018 YtayaRural1,045929 InlandSiquijor Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Lazi and its barangays.

Maria: Municipality 

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 76104000

2020 Population: 14,385

PSGC #Brgy. #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
76104001 BogoRural851842 InlandSiquijor Island
76104002 BongaRural555506 InlandSiquijor Island
76104003 Cabal-asanRural389387 CoastalSiquijor Island
76104004 CalunasanRural643634 InlandSiquijor Island
76104005 Candaping ARural582562 InlandSiquijor Island
76104006 Candaping BRural684622 InlandSiquijor Island
76104007 Cantaroc ARural462448 CoastalSiquijor Island
76104008 Cantaroc BRural501484 CoastalSiquijor Island
76104009 CantugbasRural412386 InlandSiquijor Island
76104010 Lico-anRural496494 InlandSiquijor Island
76104011 Lilo-anRural1,4591,414 CoastalSiquijor Island
76104013 LogucanRural647615 CoastalSiquijor Island
76104012 LoocRural489466 CoastalSiquijor Island
76104014 MinalulanRural843797 InlandSiquijor Island
76104015 NabutayRural1,000922 UplandSiquijor Island
76104016 OlangRural701659 CoastalSiquijor Island
76104017 Pisong ARural366329 InlandSiquijor Island
76104018 Pisong BRural249274 InlandSiquijor Island
76104019 Población NorteRural1,1531,089 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76104020 Población SurRural656716 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76104021 SaguingRural803797 InlandSiquijor Island
76104022 SawangRural444385 InlandSiquijor Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Maria and its barangays.

San Juan: Municipality 

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 76105000

2020 Population: 16,363

PSGC #Brgy. #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
76105001 CanasaganRural728625 InlandSiquijor Island
76105002 CanduraRural461432 InlandSiquijor Island
76105003 CangmunagRural1,3011,231 InlandSiquijor Island
76105004 CansayangRural550528 InlandSiquijor Island
76105005 CatulayanRural2,0221,770 InlandSiquijor Island
76105006 Lala-oRural866711 CoastalSiquijor Island
76105007 MaiteRural1,100993 InlandSiquijor Island
76105008 NapoRural965789 InlandSiquijor Island
76105009 PalitonRural911840 CoastalSiquijor Island
76105010 PoblaciónRural896797 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76105011 SolangonRural1,4191,390 InlandSiquijor Island
76105012 Tag-iboRural945897 InlandSiquijor Island
76105013 TambisanRural1,3761,270 CoastalSiquijor Island
76105014 TimbaonRural1,6201,424 CoastalSiquijor Island
76105015 TubodUrban1,2031,157 CoastalSiquijor Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of San Juan and its barangays.

Siquijor: Municipality and Capitol of Siquijor

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 76106000

2020 Population: 28,915

PSGC #Brgy. #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
76106001 BanbanRural796791 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106002 BolosRural272270 InlandSiquijor Island
76106003 CaipilanRural1,2101,126 InlandSiquijor Island
76106004 CaiticanRural563476 InlandSiquijor Island
76106005 CalalinanRural862711 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106007 CanalRural542472 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106008 Candanay NorteRural1,016943 InlandSiquijor Island
76106009 Candanay SurRural1,034991 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106010 Cang-adiengRural297293 InlandSiquijor Island
76106011 Cang-agongRural994901 InlandSiquijor Island
76106012 Cang-alwangRural882766 InlandSiquijor Island
76106013 Cang-asaRural1,104900 InlandSiquijor Island
76106006 Cang-atuyomRural400398 InlandSiquijor Island
76106016 CanghunoghunogRural290268 InlandSiquijor Island
76106014 Cang-inteRural212211 InlandSiquijor Island
76106015 Cang-isadRural186171 InlandSiquijor Island
76106017 CangmatnogRural225189 InlandSiquijor Island
76106018 CangmohaoRural234225 InlandSiquijor Island
76106019 CantabonRural482480 InlandSiquijor Island
76106020 CaticuganRural1,150973 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106021 DumanhogRural668652 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106022 IbabaoRural299293 InlandSiquijor Island
76106023 LambojonRural291290 InlandSiquijor Island
76106024 LuyangRural734722 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106025 LuzongRural482476 InlandSiquijor Island
76106026 OloRural829736 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106027 PangiRural1,7671,594 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106028 PanlautanRural270235 InlandSiquijor Island
76106029 PasihagonRural1,2581,088 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106030 PiliRural437395 InlandSiquijor Island
76106031 PoblaciónUrban1,4711,673 Población-CoastalSiquijor Island
76106032 PolangyutaRural908885 InlandSiquijor Island
76106033 PonongRural881868 InlandSiquijor Island
76106034 SabangRural521568 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106035 San AntonioRural753766 InlandSiquijor Island
76106036 SongculanRural302279 InlandSiquijor Island
76106037 TacdogRural565525 CoastalSiquijor Island
76106038 TaclobanRural693616 InlandSiquijor Island
76106039 TambisanRural762738 InlandSiquijor Island
76106040 TebjongRural222212 InlandSiquijor Island
76106041 TinagoRural1,2351,025 InlandSiquijor Island
76106042 TongoRural816670 CoastalSiquijor Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Siquijor and Capitol of Siquijor and its barangays.
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