Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157000000

Tawi-Tawi, the southernmost province of the Philippines and is located in the Sulu Archipelago, is an idyllic treasure located in the autonomous region of Bangsamoro. Its provincial capital is the municipality of Bongao.

It consists of a collection of islands where culture, history, and natural beauty converge. Its southwestern border is the island nation of Indonesia and the province of Sulu to its northeast, and it is surrounded by the Sulu and Celebes Seas.

Unveiling the Beauty of Tawi-Tawi

Geography and Landscape
Tawi-Tawi’s geography sets it apart, with its series of rugged islands and islets scattered over the Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea. The province’s topography is a picturesque blend of rolling hills, rocky plateaus, and pristine beaches, with the highest point being Bud Bongao, a revered mountain that holds cultural and religious significance.

Rich Culture and Heritage
The people of Tawi-Tawi are predominantly Sama, known for their seafaring skills and the Badjao or “Sea Gypsies,” who live in stilt houses perched above the sea. The province is a tapestry of vibrant traditions, exhibited in their music, dance, and crafts such as the intricate weaving of the mat called “banig.”

Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Tawi-Tawi is also a haven for biodiversity. Its seas are teeming with life, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving. The Turtle Islands, a group of islands within the province, serve as a sanctuary for the endangered green sea turtles.

Historical Significance
The province isn’t just a natural paradise; it’s steeped in history. Tawi-Tawi is believed to be the place where Islam first took root in the Philippines. The Sheikh Karimul Makhdum Mosque, one of the oldest in the country, stands as a testament to the deep Islamic heritage of the region.

Economic Development
The economy of Tawi-Tawi largely relies on agriculture, fishing, and seaweed farming – an industry where the province excels due to its rich marine resources. It is poised for growth as infrastructure development like ports and road systems are gradually improving to promote tourism and trade.

Embracing Tawi-Tawi’s Splendors

Tawi-Tawi remains largely unexplored, offering an off-the-beaten-path experience for intrepid travelers. Visiting this province means uncovering hidden lagoons, witnessing the traditional lepa-lepa boat races, and experiencing the warmth of its people.

As the Philippines continues to promote its hidden gems, Tawi-Tawi stands out with its promise of peace and solitude, set against a backdrop of a rich cultural heritage and untouched natural beauty. Despite the challenges of geographical isolation and misconceptions, Tawi-Tawi remains a destination worthy of attention and appreciation from those who seek to immerse themselves in a unique cultural and natural environment.

Tawi-Tawi is an island province in the Sulu Archipelago and is composed of:

Municipalities:Barangay (of which are Island Barangays):
11203 (203)

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Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157002000

2020 Population:  116,118

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157002027 Bongao Población Urban15,46212,503 Población-CoastalBongao Island
157002005 IpilRural1,5631,165 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157002006 KamagongRural1,321985 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157002007 KarungdongRural2,2171,819 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002044 LagasanRural1,6521,444 CoastalPababag Island
157002009 Lakit LakitRural1,4211,121 InlandSanga Sanga Island
157002010 LamionUrban8,2967,090 CoastalBongao Island
157002012 Lapid LapidRural2,1321,810 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157002013 Lato LatoRural984833 InlandSanga Sanga Island
157002014 Luuk PandanRural2,8292,652 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002015 Luuk TulayRural1,1871,088 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157002016 MalassaRural1,2891,118 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002017 MandulanRural2,0421,991 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002018 MasantongRural1,156938 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157002019 Montay MontayRural1,6531,410 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157002045 NalilRural5,4874,637 CoastalBongao Island
157002021 PababagRural1,8861,639 CoastalPababag Island
157002047 Pag-asaUrban7,8916,835 InlandBongao Island
157002022 PagasinanRural1,9231,662 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002046 PagatpatRural1,007958 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157002023 PahutRural1,8741,649 CoastalBongao Island
157002024 PakiasRural1,5301,450 CoastalSanga Sanga island
157002025 PanionganRural1,104906 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002026 PasiaganRural3,7863,310 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157002030 Sanga-sangaRural4,5483,755 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002031 SilubogRural1,6871,514 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157002033 SimandagitRural8,7418,584 CoastalBongao Island
157002034 SumangatRural1,3561,120 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157002037 TarawakanRural2,9542,630 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157002040 TongsinahRural1,2041,015 CoastalPababag Island
157002042 Tubig-BasagRural1,7621,418 CoastalSanga Sanga Island
157002049 Tubig-BohRural8,6647,440 CoastalBongao Island
157002050 Tubig-MampallamUrban6,2115,295 InlandBongao Island
157002048 Tubig-TanahUrban6,0925,742 CoastalBongao Island
157002043 Ungus-ungusRural1,2071,001 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Bongao (Tawi-Tawi Is. + Others) and Capitol of Tawi-Tawi and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157009000

2020 Population:  37,096

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157009014 AdninRural1,3121,174 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009015 Bakaw-bakawRural1,2951,142 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009001 BakongRural1,8141,657 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009002 Bas-bas ProperRural1,3381,135 CoastalBasbas Island
157009016 BasLikudRural1,7341,507 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009003 BasnunukRural1,8101,734 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009004 DarussalamUrban4,6344,206 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009017 Jakarta (Lookan Latuan)Rural1,6651,465 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009018 KalupagRural1,2951,146 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009019 KiniktalRural1,6011,547 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009005 Languyan Proper (Pob.)Rural4,0133,441 Población-InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009020 Marang-marangRural1,7671,480 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009006 MaraningRural1,6531,616 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009013 Parang PantayRural2,1562,085 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009021 SikullisRural1,2281,043 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157009009 SimalakRural1,6651,424 CoastalSimalak Island
157009022 Tubig-DakulaRural1,1811,052 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009010 Tuhog-tuhogRural1,9061,816 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009011 TumahubongRural1,2241,110 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157009012 TumbagaanRural1,8051,714 CoastalTumbagaan Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Languyan (Tawi-Tawi Island + Others) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157003000

2020 Population: 30,038

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157003001 BokiRural2,2622,018 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003002 Duhul BatuRural1,6341,434 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003013 Erok-erokRural2,1492,114 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003005 GuppahRural2,2531,938 InlandBilissuan Island
157003003 KompangRural1,2061,023 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003014 LiyubudRural3,3623,143 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003015 Lubbak ParangRural1,208901 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003004 Lupa Pula (Pob.)Rural3,3942,926 Población-CoastalBilissuan Island
157003006 MahaloRural2,5172,220 InlandBilissuan Island
157003007 PawanRural1,5141,287 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003016 SapaRural1,8121,659 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003008 SikubRural1,5421,387 InlandBilissuan Island
157003009 TabulianRural1,2191,053 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003010 TanduanRural1,3481,165 CoastalBilissuan Island
157003012 Umus MatahaRural2,6182,329 CoastalBilissuan Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Mapun (Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi) (Bilissuan Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157001000

2020 Population: 48,055

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157001001 Balimbing ProperRural5,2284,887 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157001002 Batu-batu (Pob.)Rural3,8583,380 Población-InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001010 Bauno GaringRural2,6932,427 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157001011 Belatan HaluRural3,2653,044 CoastalBilatan Island
157001003 BuanRural4,0073,795 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157001004 DungonRural2,0431,850 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001012 KarahaRural1,5841,439 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001013 KulapeRural2,4412,236 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001014 LiyaburanRural2,4052,251 CoastalBilatan Island
157001005 Luuk BuntalRural2,0892,056 CoastalBilatan Island
157001015 MagsaggawRural3,1742,956 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001016 MalaccaRural3,1382,868 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001007 ParanganRural2,4942,252 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001017 SumangdayRural2,3282,172 InlandTawi-Tawi Island
157001008 TabunanRural1,2651,023 CoastalBilatan Island
157001018 TundonRural2,7692,511 CoastalTundon Island
157001009 TungbangkawRural3,2743,037 CoastalBilatan Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Panglima Sugala (Balimbing) (Tawi-Tawi + Others) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157010000

2020 Population:  35,580

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157010001 Baldatal IslamRural1,6581,441 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157010002 Banaran-Lookan Rural2,3522,068 CoastalBanaran Island
157010003 Banaran-Tonggusong Urban6,0265,674 CoastalBanaran Island
157010023 Banaran-Tup-tupRural1,5041,467 CoastalBanaran Island
157010004 ButunRural1,009967 CoastalSecubun Island
157010005 Dalo-daloRural1,5321,400 CoastalSecubun Island
157010007 KohecRural371359 CoastalSecubun Island
157010009 Lakit-lakitRural1,5821,500 CoastalMantabuan Island
157010008 Latuan (Suasang)Rural1,1991,082 CoastalLatuan island
157010017 Latuan-Lookan Rural1,3681,263 CoastalLatuan island
157010016 Look NatuhRural741640 CoastalSecubun Island
157010012 MalantaRural1,8851,626 CoastalSecubun Island
157010013 Mantabuan TabunanRural1,8101,737 CoastalMantabuan Island
157010018 Nunuk Likud SikubongRural919847 CoastalSecubun Island
157010006 Palate GadjaminahRural1,1121,056 CoastalLakit Island
157010019 PamasanRural755744 InlandSecubun Island
157010020 SapaatRural785778 CoastalMantabuan Island
157010014 Sapa-sapa (Pob.)Rural1,7601,465 Población-CoastalSecubun Island
157010021 Sukah-sukahRural1,093944 CoastalSecubun Island
157010011 Tabunan Likud SikubongRural742660 CoastalSecubun Island
157010010 Tangngah (Lalung Sikubong)Rural1,3891,244 CoastalSecubun Island
157010015 Tapian Bohe NorthRural1,011995 CoastalMantabuan Island
157010022 Tapian Bohe SouthRural977960 CoastalMantabuan Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Sapa-Sapa (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157011000

2020 Population:  34,243

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157011001 Ambulong SapalRural2,0151,739 InlandSibutu Island
157011002 Datu Amilhamja JaafarRural1,5401,372 CoastalSibutu Island
157011003 Hadji Imam BidinRural1,3561,158 InlandSibutu Island
157011004 Hadji Mohtar SulaymanRural2,2952,058 CoastalSibutu Island
157011005 Hadji TahaRural1,8321,549 CoastalSibutu Island
157011006 Imam Hadji MohammadRural1,7521,524 CoastalSibutu Island
157011007 LigayanRural2,5171,964 CoastalSibutu Island
157011008 NunukanRural2,4312,124 CoastalSibutu Island
157011009 Sheik MakdumRural3,0842,749 InlandSibutu Island
157011010 Sibutu (Pob.)Rural1,105919 Población-CoastalSibutu Island
157011011 TalisayRural1,8361,630 CoastalSibutu Island
157011012 Tandu BanakRural2,7392,509 CoastalSibutu Island
157011013 TaungohRural3,3343,050 CoastalSibutu Island
157011014 TongehatRural1,7081,559 CoastalSibutu Island
157011015 TongsibaloRural2,3082,216 CoastalSibutu Island
157011016 Ungus-ungusRural2,3912,267 CoastalSibutu Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Sibutu (Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157004000

2020 Population:  34,245

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157004015 Bagid Rural801762 CoastalSimunul Island
157004001 BakongRural3,0582,707 CoastalSimunul Island
157004008 Doh-Tong Rural1,7751,596 CoastalSimunul Island
157004009 Luuk DatanRural2,0752,037 CoastalManuk Mangkaw Island
157004002 Manuk Mangkaw Rural3,8023,642 CoastalManuk Mangkaw Island
157004010 Maruwa Rural1,049938 CoastalSimunul Island
157004003 Mongkay Rural2,0621,890 CoastalSimunul Island
157004011 Pagasinan Rural1,3191,163 CoastalSimunul Island
157004012 Panglima Mastul Rural1,8511,650 CoastalSimunul Island
157004013 Sukah-BulanRural1,7741,525 CoastalSimunul Island
157004004 Tampakan (Pob.)Rural2,7542,453 Población-CoastalSimunul Island
157004014 TimundonUrban4,8024,551 CoastalManuk Mangkaw Island
157004005 TonggosongRural1,5281,321 CoastalSimunul Island
157004006 Tubig Indangan Rural3,7773,463 InlandSimunul Island
157004007 Ubol Rural1,8181,525 CoastalSimunul Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Simunul (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157005000

2020 Population:  37,319

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157005016 Datu Baguinda PutihUrban3,1042,099 CoastalBolong Bolong Island
157005021 Imam Sapie (Island)Rural4,5804,214 CoastalImam Sapie Island
157005022 Larap North Rural2,8972,540 CoastalBolong Bolong Island
157005001 Larap South (Larap)Rural1,9861,766 CoastalBolong Bolong Island
157005023 Panglima AlariUrban8,4178,055 CoastalBolong Bolong Island
157005004 Población (Sitangkai Island)Rural3,7343,285 Población-CoastalSitangkai Island
157005025 SipangkotRural6,8966,202 CoastalSibutu Island
157005010 TongmagengRural2,4072,194 CoastalBolong Bolong Island
157005012 TongusongRural3,2982,979 CoastalBolong Bolong Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Sitangkai (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157006000

2020 Population: 29,583

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157006001 BabaganRural680699 CoastalBabagan Island
157006005 BengkolRural924756 CoastalTobawan Island
157006006 BintawlanRural1,3621,169 CoastalBintoulan Island
157006007 BoheRural1,179872 CoastalBohe Island
157006008 BubuanRural683531 CoastalBubuan Island
157006011 Bunay Bunay CenterRural834740 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006010 Bunay Bunay LookanRural1,4121,372 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006009 Bunay Bunay TongRural978717 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006012 Lahad DampongRural1,3751,375 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006015 LaitanRural761756 CoastalTobawan Island
157006016 Lambi-lambianRural1,127920 CoastalTobawan Island
157006017 LaudRural851717 CoastalTobawan Island
157006038 Likud DampongRural676537 CoastalLaitan Island
157006019 Likud TabawanRural1,2201,072 CoastalTobawan Island
157006014 NunukRural875841 CoastalLoran Island
157006024 NusaRural737690 CoastalNusa Island
157006023 Nusa-nusaRural418365 CoastalKinapusan Island
157006025 PampangRural852709 CoastalTobawan Island
157006026 PutatRural446352 CoastalTobawan Island
157006027 SolloganRural1,4761,210 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006028 TalisayRural743718 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006013 Talisay East  Rural788717 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006029 Tampakan DampongRural985920 CoastalTobawan Island
157006039 TangngahRural802741 CoastalTobawan Island
157006030 Tinda-tindahanRural1,018929 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006032 Tong TampakanRural1,154891 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006035 Tubig DayangRural1,1681,083 CoastalTubig Dayang Island
157006033 Tubig Dayang CenterRural1,093937 CoastalTubig Dayang Island
157006034 Tubig Dayang RiversideRural976966 CoastalTubig Dayang Island
157006036 TukkaiRural1,2361,017 CoastalSouth Ubian Island
157006037 Unas-unasRural754616 CoastalTobawan Island
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of South Ubian (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157007000

2020 Population:  34,316

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157007002 Baliungan (Baliongan)Rural1,7561,319 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157007044 BallakRural894754 CoastalTandubas Island
157007045 ButunRural1,7781,601 CoastalTandubas Island
157007046 Himbah Rural3,0602,743 CoastalTawi-Tawi Island
157007009 KakoongRural2,0241,847 CoastalTandubas Island
157007047 Kalang-kalang Rural806670 CoastalTingungun Island
157007010 KepengRural1,5071,243 CoastalTandubas Island
157007012 Lahay-lahay Rural893781 CoastalTandubato island 
157007026 Naungan Rural1,291977 CoastalNaungan Island
157007048 SalamatRural880794 CoastalTingungun Island
157007030 Sallangan Rural2,1051,593 CoastalTandubas Island
157007031 SapaRural2,5932,197 CoastalTandubas Island
157007049 SibakloonRural1,2951,054 CoastalTandubas Island
157007033 Silantup Rural3,7563,244 CoastalTandubas Island
157007050 TandubatoRural1,6431,362 CoastalTandubato island 
157007043 Tangngah (Tangngah Ungus Matata)Rural2,1401,991 CoastalTandubas Island
157007041 Tapian Rural1,5011,298 CoastalTandubas Island
157007051 Tapian SukahRural1,3991,163 CoastalTandubas Island
157007052 Taruk Rural1,121987 CoastalTaruk Island 
157007042 Tongbangkaw Rural1,8741,772 CoastalTandubas Island
 Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Tandubas (Islands) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 157008000

2020 Population:  5,683

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
157008002 Likud BakkaoRural1,4761,351 CoastalTurtle Islands
157008001 Taganak Poblacion Rural4,2073,376 CoastalTurtle Islands
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Turtle Islands and its barangays.
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