Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166700000

Surigao del Norte is a picturesque province situated at the rim of the Philippine archipelago. It is part of the Caraga region located in the northeastern section of Mindanao Island. This vibrant province is known for its abundant natural resources, thriving ecosystems, and the warmth of its people.

The provincial capital of Surigao del Norte is Surigao City, a hub for commerce and gateway to the enchanting islands and blue waters that surround the province. Surigao del Norte has become synonymous with stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to crystal-clear waters and expansive beaches with fine, white sand.

One of the province’s prime jewels is Siargao Island, revered globally as a premier surfing destination. With waves that can challenge seasoned surfers, particularly at the famous Cloud 9, Siargao has steadily risen in prominence in the international surfing community. Beyond surfing, Siargao offers tranquil lagoons, secluded coves, and a laid-back island lifestyle that captivates tourists seeking both adventure and relaxation.

Aside from Siargao, Surigao del Norte is dotted with numerous smaller islands, each with their own unique character. The Dinagat Islands, though less frequented, boast a diverse range of attractions from sanctuaries for wildlife and flora to pristine marine reserves ideal for snorkeling and diving.

Culturally, Surigao del Norte celebrates its rich history through festivals and traditions. One of the most prominent is the Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival, an annual event that showcases indigenous dances and music in honor of San Nicolas de Tolentino, the patron saint of Surigao City. With elaborate costumes and vibrant performances, the festival is a reflection of the province’s ethnically diverse and harmonious spirit.

In the realm of local craft, Surigao del Norte’s artisans are known for their intricate jewelry made from the province’s rich deposits of gold, silver, and other minerals. The economy is also supported by the fishing and agricultural sectors, tapping into the bounty that both land and sea provide.

Getting to Surigao del Norte is facilitated by domestic flights to Surigao City Airport, while ferries and boats to various islands emanate from multiple ports along the coastline. This connectivity enables tourists and locals alike to explore the province’s myriad of offerings.

From the echoing surf of Siargao to the whispering palms on secluded beaches, Surigao del Norte is both a sanctuary for those seeking respite and an adventure for the spirited traveler. It embraces its visitors with a natural beauty that is both raw and enchanting—a true testament to the Philippines’ claim as a paradise in the Pacific.

Surigao del Norte is a coastal province comprised of mainland and island municipalities:

Component City (1):Municipalities:Barangay (of which are Island Barangays):
Surigao City (Capitol)20335 (163)

By HueMan1 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166724000

2020 Population: 171,107

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coast/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166724001 Alang-alang Rural436405136.8000CoastalHikdop Island
166724002 Alegria Rural623574106.7500CoastalHikdop Island
166724003 AnomarRural1,9081,727573.9842 InlandMainland
166724004 Aurora Rural736677971.4900CoastalHanigad-Sibale Islands
166724006 BalibayonRural2,2161,752429.0567InlandMainland
166724007 Baybay Rural311330143.5000CoastalHikdop Island
166724008 Bilabid Rural24129366.7200CoastalHikdop Island
166724010 Bitaugan Rural707637135.3200CoastalBayagnan Island
166724011 BonifacioRural3,8223,534323.7518InlandMainland
166724012 Buenavista Rural1,168916190.9500CoastalHikdop Island
166724013 Cabongbongan Rural841905386.4698CoastalMainland
166724014 Cagniog Rural6,6225,225482.9918 InlandMainland
166724015 CagutsanRural342345331.8900CoastalBayagnan Island
166724096 Canlanipa Urban11,6369,69745.9068 InlandMainland
166724016 Cantiasay Rural1,0479841,645.2700CoastalNonoc Island
166724017 CapalayanRural2,6722,502842.9784 CoastalMainland
166724018 CatadmanRural35038253.7600CoastalHikdop Island
166724019 DanaoRural6695931,059.0341 InlandMainland
166724020 Danawan Rural6205731 57.68CoastalDanaon Island
166724021 Day-asanRural2,0321,883275.5690CoastalMainland
166724022 IpilRural4,6924,323672.6276 InlandMainland
166724023 Libuac Rural99794987.1200CoastalHikdop Island
166724024 LipataRural2,8722,653239.4481 InlandMainland
166724025 Lisondra Rural858882102.7300CoastalHanigad-Sibale Islands
166724026 LunaUrban13,23310,425563.3562 InlandMainland
166724027 Mabini Rural2,3472,3371,543.5886InlandMainland
166724028 Mabua Rural3,3632,778137.5646 InlandMainland
166724029 Manyagao (Manjagao)Rural956851396.1100CoastalManyagao Island
166724030 Mapawa Rural1,2701,132664.7199InlandMainland
166724031 Mat-i Urban6,6175,72232,091.9522InlandMainland
166724032 Nabago Rural1,1671,143546.8138CoastalMainland
166724033 Nonoc Rural1,1071,3102,469.2700CoastalNonoc Island
166724067 OrokRural1,3721,114305.4905CoastalMainland
166724034 PoctoyRural1,9911,688482.6515InlandMainland
166724035 Punta Bilar Rural1,3711,079117.9831 InlandMainland
166724036 QuezonUrban2,3392,229473.1471InlandMainland
166724037 RizalUrban7,4926,659935.7166 InlandMainland
166724038 SabangRural6,1144,705293.3784 InlandMainland
166724039 San Isidro Rural629586290.1704CoastalMainland
166724040 San Jose Rural1,3561,2654,245.8600CoastalHinatuan Island
166724041 San Juan Urban16,56514,92565.3043CoastalMainland
166724042 San Pedro (Hanigad)Rural919865502.3600CoastalHanigad-Sibale Islands
166724043 San RoqueRural1,5961,444262.3206 InlandMainland
166724005 Serna (Bad-asay) Rural1,7011,438359.4931 InlandMainland
166724044 Sidlakan Rural33130764.8600CoastalHikdop Island
166724045 Silop Rural1,6021,485416.3854InlandMainland
166724046 Sugbay Rural554482115.4900CoastalBayagnan Island
166724047 Sukailang Rural1,3961,386758.8121InlandMainland
166724048 Taft (Pob.) Urban19,24218,57197.3443Población- InlandMainland
166724064 Talisay Rural1,1661,4032,545.2500CoastalNonoc Island
166724065 Togbongon Rural2,2572,105420.1361 InlandMainland
166724066 Trinidad Rural2,7262,587651.2114 InlandMainland
166724068 Washington (Pob.) Urban19,31918,900143.1497Población- InlandMainland
166724095 ZaragozaRural591475190.2100CoastalHanigad-Sibale Islands
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:
Overview of Surigao City: Capitol of Surigao del Norte and Component City and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166701000

2020 Population: 16,184

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland:
166701002 AlipaoRural2,0792,161 InlandMainland
166701011 AnahawRural1,5401,630 InlandMainland
166701003 BudlinginRural634630 InlandMainland
166701004 Camp Eduard (Geotina)Rural575505 InlandMainland
166701008 FerldaRural243174 InlandMainland
166701012 GamutonRural503759 InlandMainland
166701009 Julio Ouano (Pob.)Rural2,0812,056 InlandMainland
166701005 OmbongRural1,162966 InlandMainland
166701001 Población (Alegria)Rural1,8211,871 Población-Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166701006 PongtudRural1,5511,536 InlandMainland
166701010 San JuanRural1,5601,503 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166701007 San PedroRural2,4352,220 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Alegria and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166702000

2020 Population: 14,881

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:Terrian:Flooding:
166702001 Cabugao Rural1,4281,275 InlandMainlandPlainsHigh
166702002 Cambuayon Rural728688 CoastalMainlandMountainsHigh
166702003 CampoRural2,1042,099 InlandMainlandPlainsHigh
166702004 DugsangonRural1,3111,271 InlandMainlandMountains/PlainsNone
166702005 Pautao Rural1,2521,200 InlandMainlandPlainsNone
166702006 Payapag Rural1,6121,545 InlandMainlandPlainsHigh
166702007 PoblaciónUrban5,5525,475 Población-CoastalMainlandPlainsSlight to Moderate
166702008 Pungtod Rural498480 InlandMainlandMountainsHigh
166702009 Santo Rosario Rural396453 InlandMainlandMountainsNone
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Bacuag and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166704000

2020 Population: 4,185

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
166704001 BaybayRural1,007915 CoastalNorth end of Siargo Island
166704002 BitaugRural343319 CoastalNorth end of Siargo Island
166704006 Matin-aoRural294288 InlandNorth end of Siargo Island
166704003 Población 1Rural965888 Población-CoastalNorth end of Siargo Island
166704004 Población 2Rural1,1431,250 Población-InlandNorth end of Siargo Island
166704005 San MateoRural433374 CoastalNorth end of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Burgos (Siargo Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166706000

2020 Population: 36,033

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Poblacion/Non-Poblacion:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166706001 CabugoRural2,5052,542 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706002 CagdianaoRural4,1904,140 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706003 DaywanRural3,0472,587 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706004 HayanggabonRural2,7902,373 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706006 Lapinigan (Island)Rural874824 Non-PoblaciónInlandLapinigan Island
166706007 MagallanesRural847747 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706008 PanataoRural1,8281,767 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166706009 Población East (Tayaga) Rural3,5113,307 PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706005 Población (Ladgaron) Rural3,4832,946 PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706010 Población West (Bagaka)Rural2,1182,331 PoblaciónInlandMainland
166706011 SapaRural1,058987 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706012 TaganitoUrban5,9824,702 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706013 UrbiztondoRural3,1582,939 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166706014 WangkeRural642581 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Claver and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166707000 2

020 Population: 29,006

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Población/Non-Población:Coastal/Inland:Island:
166707001 Bagakay Rural550475 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Bucas Island
1667070021Barangay 1 (Pob.)Rural3,6022,610 PoblaciónCoastalSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070172Barangay 2 (Pob.)Rural597747 PoblaciónCoastalSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070183Barangay 3 (Pob.) Rural593547 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070194Barangay 4 (Pob.)Rural519448 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070205Barangay 5 (Pob.) Rural302257 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070216Barangay 6 (Pob.) Rural523563 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070227Barangay 7 (Pob.)Rural119143 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070238Barangay 8 (Pob.)Rural211216 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
1667070249Barangay 9 (Pob.)Rural383355 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
16670701410Barangay 10 (Pob.)Rural477486 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
16670701511Barangay 11 (Pob.)Rural424439 PoblaciónCoastalSouth end of Siargo Island
16670701612Barangay 12 (Pob.) Rural3,4022,467 PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
16670700313Barangay 13 (Pob.) Rural2,0061,881 PoblaciónCoastalSouth end of Siargo Island
166707004 Buenavista Rural475401 Non-PoblaciónCoastalBucas Island
166707005 Cabawa Rural629400 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Bucas Island
166707006 Cambas-acRural773704 Non-PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
166707007 Consolacion Rural1,8491,783 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Bucas Island
166707008 Corregidor Rural648471 Non-PoblaciónCoastalCasulian Island
166707009 Dagohoy Rural393281 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Bucas Island
166707010 Don PaulinoRural919762 Non-PoblaciónCoastalSouth end of Siargo Island
166707011 Jubang Rural709396 Non-PoblaciónCoastalSouth end of Siargo Island
166707012 Montserrat Rural509422 Non-PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
166707013 Osmeña Rural2,5111,752 Non-PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
166707025 San Carlos Rural502492 Non-PoblaciónCoastalBucas Island
166707026 San Miguel Rural1,042833 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Bucas Island
166707027 Santa Fe Rural1,050733 Non-PoblaciónInlandSouth end of Siargo Island
166707029 Santa Felomina Rural340303 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Bucas Island
166707028 Union Rural2,9492,420 Non-PoblaciónCoastalSouth end of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Dapa (Siargo Island + Others) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166708000

2020 Population: 20,127

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Island:
166708002 AntipoloRural1,003852 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708001 Bagakay (Alburo)Rural667579 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708004 BitoonRural899797 CoastalWest Side of Siargo Island
166708006 CabugaoRural681640 CoastalWest Side of Siargo Island
166708007 CancohoyRural888966 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708008 CaubRural1,8391,571 CoastalKangbangyo Island
166708009 Del Carmen (Pob.)Rural3,5733,420 Población-CoastalWest Side of Siargo Island
166708010 DomoyogRural336312 CoastalWest Side of Siargo Island
166708011 EsperanzaRural1,142896 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708028 HalianRural958861 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708012 JamoyaonRural1,0441,118 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708013 KatipunanRural549449 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708014 LobogonRural927584 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708016 MabuhayRural425296 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708017 MahayahayRural436517 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708019 QuezonRural579384 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708021 San FernandoRural520575 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708022 San Jose (Pob.)Rural1,8531,859 Población-CoastalWest Side of Siargo Island
166708025 SayakRural876986 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
166708027 TuboranRural932730 InlandWest Side of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Del Carmen (Siargo Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166710000

2020 Population: 22,853

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Población/Non-Población:Coastal/Inland:Island:
166710001 AnajawanRural477428 Non-PoblaciónCoastalAnahaw Island
166710002 CabitoonanRural490381 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166710003 CatangnanRural1,8541,130 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166710004 ConsueloRural2,0861,598 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710005 CorazonRural473412 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710006 DakuRural507335 Non-PoblaciónCoastalDaco Island
166710012 La JanuzaRural371320 Non-PoblaciónCoastalLajanosa Island
166710013 LibertadRural1,174946 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166710014 MagsaysayRural737651 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710015 MalinaoRural1,606975 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710007 Población I (Purok I)Rural2,4711,792 PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166710008 Población II (Purok II)Rural793958 PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710009 Población III (Purok III)Rural1,087877 PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166710010 Población IV (Purok IV)Rural790725 PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710011 Población V (Purok V)Rural3,8272,128 PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710017 Santa CruzRural842661 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166710018 Santa FeRural1,5121,024 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166710019 SuyanganRural923868 Non-PoblaciónCoastalLajanosa Island
166710020 Tawin-tawinRural833562 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of General Luna (Siargo Island + Others) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166711000

2020 Population: 21,849

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166711001 Alambique (Pob.)Rural2,2092,000 Población-InlandMainland
166711002 AnibonganRural345351 CoastalMainland
166711003 Camam-onanRural2,1892,041 InlandMainland
166711004 Cam-boayonRural440447 InlandMainland
166711005 Ipil (Pob.)Rural1,6231,683 Población-CoastalMainland
166711006 LahiRural800826 InlandMainland
166711007 MahanubRural3,0022,930 InlandMainland
166711008 PonienteRural1,7721,674 InlandMainland
166711009 San Antonio (Bonot)Rural1,156976 InlandMainland
166711010 San IsidroRural4,0283,691 InlandMainland
166711011 Sico-sicoRural828902 InlandMainland
166711012 VillaflorRural1,5881,591 InlandMainland
166711013 VillafrancaRural1,8691,752 CoastalMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Gigaquit and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166714000

2020 Population: 28,019

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166714001 BingaRural395387 InlandMainland
166714002 Bobona-onRural217209 InlandMainland
166714003 CantugasRural1,6391,673 InlandMainland
166714004 DayanoRural545498 InlandMainland
166714005 MabiniRural1,2961,183 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714006 MagpayangRural1,7641,731 InlandMainland
166714007 Magsaysay (Pob.)Rural2,2422,074 Población-Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714009 MansayaoRural848732 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714010 MarayagRural359339 InlandMainland
166714011 Matin-aoRural4,4824,177 InlandMainland
166714012 PacoRural610591 InlandMainland
166714013 Quezon (Pob.)Rural3,7913,743 Población-Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714014 RoxasRural1,6011,506 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714015 San FranciscoRural2,2502,051 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714016 San IsidroRural1,8101,851 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714017 San JoseRural866840 InlandMainland
166714018 SianaRural970977 InlandMainland
166714019 SilopRural318355 InlandMainland
166714020 TagbuyawanRural412363 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714021 Tapi-anRural270247 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
166714022 TolingonRural1,3341,214 Coastal-Mainit LakeMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Mainit and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166715000

2020 Population: 18,852

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166715002 BunyasanRural1,083976 CoastalMainland
166715004 CagtinaeRural1,2271,237 CoastalMainland
166715015 Can-agaRural710721 CoastalMainland
166715014 CansayongRural1,4781,435 InlandMainland
166715003 CantapoyRural2,7062,560 CoastalMainland
166715005 CayawanRural967919 CoastalMainland
166715001 Doro (Binocaran)Rural1,4771,309 InlandMainland
166715007 HanagdongRural1,2981,239 CoastalMainland
166715008 KarihatagRural1,4541,387 InlandMainland
166715009 MasgadRural2,2042,411 CoastalMainland
166715010 PiliRural1,9561,609 CoastalMainland
166715012 San Isidro (Pob.)Rural988923 Población-CoastalMainland
166715013 TinagoRural871757 InlandMainland
166715016 VillarizaRural433571 InlandMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Malimono and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166716000

2020 Population: 10,374

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Población/Non-Población:Coastal/Inland:Island:
166716008 Asinan (Pob.) Rural1,037950 PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716001 CaridadRural1,4621,349 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716009 Centro (Pob.)  Rural304329 PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716012 Consolacion Rural235223 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166716013 Datu Rural666564 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716014 Dayaohay Rural418304 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166716015 Jaboy Rural402312 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166716002 Katipunan Rural653578 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716003 Maasin Rural1,0851,084 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166716004 Mabini Rural372275 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166716005 Mabuhay Rural538510 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716010 Pilaring (Pob.) Rural914929 PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716011 Punta (Pob.) Rural342424 PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166716006 Salvacion Rural902864 Non-PoblaciónCoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166716007 San Roque Rural1,0441,057 Non-PoblaciónInlandEast Side of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Pilar (Siargo Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166717000

2020 Population: 29,616

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Población/Non-Población:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166717002 AmoslogRural1,6221,491 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166717003 AnislaganRural2,0571,882 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717004 Bad-asRural2,2962,160 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717005 BoyonganRural682665 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717006 Bugas-bugasRural956816 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717007 Central (Pob.)Rural2,9522,783 PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166717008 Ellaperal (Nonok)Rural1,4221,244 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMasapelid Island
166717009 Ipil (Pob.)Rural1,0141,021 PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166717010 LakandulaRural901916 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMasapelid Island
166717011 MabiniRural1,2681,190 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717012 MacalayaRural1,2161,141 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717013 Magsaysay (Pob.)Rural5,6655,252 PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166717014 MagupangeRural297292 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717015 Pananay-anRural824746 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166717016 PanhutonganRural730607 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166717017 San IsidroRural553552 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717021 Sani-saniRural589438 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMasapelid Island
166717018 Santa CruzRural3,1742,616 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
166717019 SuyocRural662633 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland
166717020 TagbongabongRural736649 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Placer and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166718000

2020 Population: 5,663

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166718001 Bongdo Rural534481 CoastalNorth-West Side of Siargo Island
166718002 MaribojocRural1,1731,066 CoastalPoneas Island
166718003 Nuevo Campo Rural547517 InlandNorth-West Side of Siargo Island
166718005 San Juan Rural750678 CoastalNorth-West Side of Siargo Island
166718006 Santa Cruz (Pob.)Rural735870 Población-CoastalNorth-West Side of Siargo Island
166718007 Talisay (Pob.) Rural1,9241,792 Población-CoastalNorth-West Side of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of San Benito (Siargo Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166718000

2020 Population: 15,347

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166719001 AmontayRural1,0631,060 InlandMainland
166719002 BaliteRural1,7971,835 InlandMainland
166719003 BanbanonRural1,2551,192 CoastalMainland
166719004 DiazRural1,8511,779 CoastalMainland
166719005 HonradoRural1,5531,368 InlandMainland
166719006 JubganRural1,7611,587 CoastalMainland
166719007 LinonggananRural1,1181,003 CoastalMainland
166719008 MacopaRural815776 InlandMainland
166719009 MagtangaleRural882843 InlandMainland
166719010 OslaoRural1,2901,182 CoastalMainland
166719011 PoblaciónRural1,9621,927 Población-CoastalMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of San Francisco and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166720000

2020 Population: 8,519

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166720001 Buhing CalipayRural456365262.40InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720002 Del Carmen (Pob.)Rural2,3602,134653.44Población-CoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166720003 Del PilarRural597452339.66InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720004 MacapagalRural255205332.87InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720006 PacificoRural454344188.80CoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
166720007 PelaezRural360337176.30InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720008 RoxasRural1,1821,039555.70InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720009 San MiguelRural171221346.44InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720010 Santa PazRural881632428.72InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720011 Santo Niño Rural489454219.20InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720012 TambacanRural45039489.70InlandEast Side of Siargo Island
166720013 TigasaoRural864748887.21CoastalEast Side of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:
Overview of the Municipality of San Isidro (Siargo Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166721000

2020 Population: 9,423

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166721001 Abad SantosRural751602 CoastalNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721002 AlegriaRural971979 CoastalNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721004 BailanRural444517 InlandNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721005 GarciaRural498440 CoastalNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721006 LibertadRural988787 InlandNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721007 MabiniRural539497 InlandNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721008 Mabuhay (Pob.)Rural1,3491,140 Población-InlandNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721009 MagsaysayRural675658 CoastalNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721010 RizalRural1,4971,443 CoastalNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721003 T. Arlan (Pob.)Rural1,0031,071 Población-CoastalNorth Tip of Siargo Island
166721012 TangboRural708674 CoastalNorth Tip of Siargo Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Santa Monica (Siargo Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166722000

2020 Population: 14,290

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Landlocked:Mainland/Island:
166722001 BiyabidRural583552 LandlockedMainland
166722003 GacepanRural461372 LandlockedMainland
166722004 ImaRural375295 LandlockedMainland
166722006 MabuhayRural2,2052,054 LandlockedMainland
166722007 MayagRural1,1351,015 LandlockedMainland
166722005 Patag Lower Rural1,0981,016 LandlockedMainland
166722013 Patag Upper Rural772697 LandlockedMainland
166722008 Población (San Pedro)Rural4,0533,857 LandlockedMainland
166722009 San IsidroRural694642 LandlockedMainland
166722010 San PabloRural1,4721,415 LandlockedMainland
166722011 TagbayaniRural741626 LandlockedMainland
166722012 TinogpahanRural701614 LandlockedMainland
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Sison and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166723000

2020 Population: 25,942

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :Hectares sq:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166723014 Albino TarucRural3,9882,498 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723001 Del PilarRural511479 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723002 HeleneRural812839 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723003 HonradoRural422365 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723004 Navarro (Pob.)Rural2,8223,784 Población-CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723005 Nueva EstrellaRural1,8761,854 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723006 Pamosaingan (Gardeña) Rural1,1911,229 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723007 Rizal (Pob.)Urban4,9105,243 Población-CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723008 SalogRural1,001930 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723009 San RoqueRural818825 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723010 Santa CruzRural493445 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723011 SeringRural4,7381,927 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723012 SongkoyRural1,4961,024 CoastalBucas Grande Island
166723013 SudlonRural864872 CoastalBucas Grande Island
Pop. (2020) :Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Socorro (Bucas Grande Island) and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166725000

2020 Population: 17,323

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2020):Hectares sq:Población/Non-Población:Coastal/Inland:Mainland/Island:
166725001 Aurora (Pob.)Rural2,1202,085 PoblaciónCoastalMainland 
166725002 Azucena (Pob.)Rural1,4911,490 PoblaciónInlandMainland 
166725003 BanbanRural1,5181,502 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland w/ Islands
166725004 CawilanRural1,1861,158 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMasapelid Island
166725005 FabioRural292277 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMasapelid Island
166725007 HimamaugRural1,6141,561 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMainland 
166725008 LaurelRural891748 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland 
166725009 Libas Lower Rural1,008841 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland 
166725014 Libas Upper Rural502555 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland 
166725010 OpongRural966954 Non-PoblaciónCoastalBilabid Island
166725015 PatinoRural942869 Non-PoblaciónCoastalMasapelid Island
166725011 Sampaguita (Pob.)Rural1,018897 PoblaciónCoastalMainland 
166725012 TalaveraUrban3,2983,047 Non-PoblaciónCoastalTalavera Island
166725013 UnionRural477444 Non-PoblaciónInlandMainland 
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):
Overview of the Municipality of Tagana-an and its barangays.

Philippine Standard Geographical Code # 166727000

2020 Population: 15,043

PSGC #Bry #Barangay Name:Rural/Urban:Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015):Hectares sq:Landlocked:Location:
166727001 CapayahanRural1,2141,081 LandlockedMainland
166727002 CawilanRural1,9311,755 LandlockedMainland
166727003 Del RosarioRural1,4001,443 LandlockedMainland
166727004 MargaRural1,7031,563 LandlockedMainland
166727005 MotorpoolRural1,6981,594 LandlockedMainland
166727006 Población (Tubod)Rural1,6461,624 LandlockedMainland
166727007 San IsidroRural1,4931,378 LandlockedMainland
166727009 San PabloRural1,5542,406 LandlockedMainland
166727008 TimamanaRural2,4041,362 LandlockedMainland
Pop. (2020):Pop. (2015) :
Overview of the Municipality of Tubod and its barangays.
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