Apayao, the Last Frontier of the Cordilleras!

River in barangay Dibagat, in Kabugao, Apayao province by Andrew Garnett

Apayao is a landlocked province located in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) in the northern part of the Philippines. Known for its rugged terrain and rich culture, the province is a place of natural beauty and offers a glimpse into the traditions of the indigenous Isnag people. Its provincial capital is the municipality of Kabugao.

Typical home in the barangay of Didagat in Kabugao, Apayao province by Andrew Garnett

Natural Beauty and Attractions

Apayao is renowned for its unspoiled landscapes, encompassing verdant forests, winding rivers, and magnificent waterfalls. Some natural attractions include:

  • The Apayao River: A major waterway offering opportunities for river rafting and fishing.
  • Lussok Cave: Home to stunning rock formations and an underground river.
  • Purit Cave: Known for its impressive limestone features and as a site for spelunking.
  • Maton River: Ideal for eco-tourism activities like boating and swimming.

Cultural Heritage

The Isnag, or Isneg, people are the primary ethnic group in Apayao. They have a rich culture reflected in their traditional crafts, dances, and rituals. Visitors can learn about local customs and participate in festivals that often include traditional Isnag dances and music.

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Economy and Way of Life

Agriculture is a significant part of life in Apayao. Rice, corn, and root crops are among the staples grown by local farmers. Fishing is also an important activity due to the abundance of rivers and streams.

Apayao Today

In recent years, Apayao has started to gain attention as an emerging destination for eco-tourism and cultural tourism. Efforts have been made to conserve both the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the Apayao people. As a less-traveled location, it presents an opportunity for tourists to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Philippine highlands.

Overall, Apayao provides a unique and enriching experience for those looking to explore the natural wonders and cultural richness of the Philippines away from more crowded tourist spots.

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