The Ilocos Region

The Beautiful Northwestern Region of Ilocos:

The Ilocos Region, designated as Region I, is situated in the northern portion of Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines. This region is comprised of four provinces: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, and Pangasinan.

Known for its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural wonders, the Ilocos Region promises a memorable travel experience. Its geography is characterized by a flat coastal plain, rugged mountains, stunning beaches, and fertile farmlands.

Ilocos Norte, the northernmost province in the region, boasts the famous white sand beaches of Pagudpud, and the remarkable Bangui windmills, the first power-generating windmill farm in Southeast Asia.

Ilocos Sur, on the other hand, is home to Vigan, a well-preserved Spanish colonial town recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cobblestone streets and ancestral houses make it feel like stepping back into a bygone era.

La Union, known as the ‘Surfing Capital of the North’, is a favorite destination for both novice and professional surfers. It is also home to beautiful waterfalls and hot springs.

Meanwhile, Pangasinan is famous for the Hundred Islands National Park, a massive marine sanctuary featuring 124 islands and islets scattered around Lingayen Gulf.

Aside from these attractions, the Ilocos Region is also renowned for its local cuisine. Dishes like pinakbet, longganisa (local sausage), and bagnet (deep-fried pork belly) are a must-try for any food enthusiast.

Whether you’re interested in history, fascinated by nature, or curious about local food, the Ilocos Region undoubtedly offers something to captivate any traveler.

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Video by Brian Hachez

Surfing San Juan Beach in La Union.

Drone Video by Mervin Enao of the Bangui windmills

Video of the 100 Islands National Park with 124 small Islands is one of the best tourist spots in Alaminos city in Pangasinan.  By Traveling Erol

Vigan City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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