La Union in the Rural North.

My family and I travelled to La Union during the summer of 2023. We visited a couple of municipalities along the way including Bangar, in the La Union province and Tagudin across the Amburayan River in the Ilocos Sur province. The area is extremely rural and very beautiful.

Bangar, La Union, is in a province in the northwestern portion of the Island of Luzon. It is an approximately 5 1/2-to-6-hour drive by car from the Manila or 7-to-8-hours by bus. We travelled by van from where our family lives in Bulacan province, and it took us around 5 hours to get there.

Amburayan River
A rural Barangay

It was amazing to travel in the rural towns. If you want a banana, it was picked that morning, or you can go and pick one yourself. Want to play at the beach? Take a hike along the river and you will be there.

The hardest part of travelling in La Union is that traffic can be very congested, and it can sometimes take a while to get to your destination. Or in some areas the roads are not well maintained.

Beach near the mouth of a river.
Beach at a resort near Bangar.

We had a great time in La Union, we visited with many friends and family members. We left La Union just before Typhoon Egay landed in the region which caused terrible damage.

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