A trip to the hills:

A Trip to DRT gets wet, while on a trip into the hills of Bulacan.

Rain in the Hills.

While Typhoon Egay was hitting hard in the extreme north of Luzon, and our weather wasn’t that bad; our family decided to take a trip to Dona Remedios Trinidad (DRT) to take in the scenery and have a picnic. We travelled by private jeepney and ended up swimming in a private resort’s pool and had our picnic there. When we left our municipality, the sun was shining, and the sky was clear. After we were in DRT for a while it began to rain. We felt we’re fine. Then then rain was hitting so hard we decided to head home.

DRT municipality sign.
Private resort’s pool in DRT
The river next to the private resort.

We didn’t know what we were in for as we headed out of the hills and back into to the lowlands of Bulacan. As our driver had brought us in a jeepney and with there being no glass windows (open to the air) it was a fun ride. The rain was coming down so hard that it began to flood quickly as the road became a river of its own.

All of these pictures were taken by me from the back of our Private Jeepney.

The road was flooding fast as we headed out of the hills on our way back to the lowlands. Even though we were in category 1 area the rains were crazy heavy.

DRT Municipality Arch

One thing to learn about the Philippines, even though its sunny at one time doesn’t mean you won’t be soaked at any time. The good news is the rain is still 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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