Lanao del Norte

The municipal proper of Linamon as seen in bird’s eye view in Iligan City by Marwan Khan

Lanao del Norte is a province located in the Northern Mindanao region of the Philippines. Its provincial capital is the municipality of Tubod, and it is bordered by Lanao del Sur to the east, Zamboanga del Sur to the west, Misamis Occidental to the northwest, and Bukidnon to the south. The province also faces the Iligan Bay to the north.

Lanao del Norte is known for its diverse culture and the Maranao people, who are the indigenous Muslim inhabitants. The province is also home to several Christian communities, reflecting a tapestry of cultural influences and harmonious coexistence between different religion and ethnic groups.

The land is marked by lush agricultural plains, rolling hills, and dramatic mountain ranges. It is rich in natural resources, with a landscape that supports both farming and fishing livelihoods.

by Iligan City Tourism Office

Tourist attractions in Lanao del Norte include:

  • Tinago Falls: A spectacular waterfall located in a deep ravine, Tinago means “hidden”, reflecting the falls’ somewhat concealed location. It is a popular spot for swimming and picnicking.
  • Maria Cristina Falls: Known for its grandeur and the source of hydroelectric power for the region, this landmark is also frequently referred to as the “twin falls” due to the rock at the brink that seems to split the water flow.
  • Mimbalot Falls: Part of Iligan’s city of majestic waterfalls, this cascade offers exciting activities and scenery for nature lovers.
Maria Cristina Falls by Lawrence Ruiz

Economically, Lanao del Norte is part of the growing Northern Mindanao economic hub. The province benefits from diversified industries including agriculture, aquaculture, and manufacturing. The famous ‘Agus Power Plants’ generate a substantial percentage of Mindanao’s power supply, demonstrating the province’s contribution to regional industry.

Festivals such as the ‘Sagayan Festival’ showcases the province’s colorful history and traditions. It involves cultural dances, and authentic Maranao costumes, and displays of martial art prowess that all tell stories of Lanao del Norte’s past.

In conclusion, Lanao del Norte offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and economic development. Its scenic landscapes and the warmth of its people make it a hidden gem in the Philippines waiting to be explored.

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