Laguna, On the Southern Shore of Laguna De Bay

Raft on River in Lumban, Laguna by Elmer Domingo

Laguna, Located in the CALABARZON region on Luzon Island, its provincial capital is he municipality of Santa Cruz.

Laguna effortlessly entwines the past and the present, offering visitors a tapestry of experiences that range from historical to recreational. Nestled harmoniously between the southern shores of Laguna de Bay and the verdant foot of Mt. Makiling is a province that captures the spirit of the Philippines in both its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Historical Landmarks

One of Laguna’s most visited historical landmarks is the town of Calamba, which is the birthplace of the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. José Rizal. The Rizal Shrine, a replica of his ancestral home, commemorates his life and works and is a place of pride for the Filipino people.

Natural Attractions

Laguna’s natural attractions are a focal point for tourism. The province is famous for its hot spring resorts, particularly in the area of Pansol, where the naturally heated waters from Mt. Makiling offer therapeutic relaxation. For the adventurous, Pagsanjan Falls allows a thrilling boat ride through rapids encased in lush tropical greenery, culminating in a majestic cascade.


The colorful Pahiyas Festival in Lucban brightens the May skies as locals decorate their homes with vibrant, edible garlands, called “kiping,” crafted from rice dough. This annual celebration gives thanks for bountiful harvests and is a feast for the senses, including traditional music, dances, and sumptuous local cuisine.

Culinary Delights

Speaking of cuisine, Laguna also offers a delectable array of local fare. The town of Los Baños is renowned for its sweet delicacies such as buko pie, a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. The province is also known for its carabao milk products, including kesong puti (white cheese) which is a perfect pairing with pandesal (bread roll) for a quintessential Filipino breakfast.

Art and Craftsmanship

The town of Paete, the carving capital of the Philippines, showcases exceptional craftsmanship with intricately designed woodcarvings and paper-mâché created by local artisans. Their works adorn homes and institutions around the world and attest to the Filipinos’ creativity and artistry.

Premier Education and Research Institutions

Laguna is a hub of academic excellence, home to the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), a research university that specializes in agriculture, forestry, and biotechnology. This prestigious institution contributes significantly to national development and the global scientific community.

Each corner of Laguna promises a different story—a blend of leisure, culture, and innovation. The province is not just a place but an experience, wrapped in the warmth of Philippine hospitality and the enduring charm of its history and traditions.

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