Davao Occidental

The shores of Malita as seen from the hilltops by Nettyzenner

Davao Occidental, the 81st province in the Philippines, was carved out of the southern part of Davao del Sur. Formally established on October 28, 2013, by virtue of Republic Act No. 10360, Davao Occidental is composed of five municipalities: Malita, which serves as the provincial capital, Santa Maria, Don Marcelino, Jose Abad Santos, and Sarangani.

Geographically, Davao Occidental is situated in the southeastern section of the Philippine archipelago. It is bordered by the Davao Gulf to the north and the Celebes Sea to the south, making it a strategic location for maritime trade and rich marine biodiversity.

Economically, the province thrives on agriculture, with coconut, corn, and rice as its primary crops. The region also benefits from its rich marine resources, including tuna, which is a major commodity for both local consumption and export. The fishing industry thus plays a vital role in bolstering the province’s economy.

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Culturally, Davao Occidental is a melting pot of Indigenous tribes such as the Bagobo, Blaan, and the Manobo, as well as a population of migrant settlers from other regions of the Philippines. Hence, the province boasts a diverse blend of traditions, languages, and festivities that represent its multifaceted character.

Tourism in Davao Occidental is an emerging sector, with the pristine and untouched Balut Island being one of its top attractions. The island offers exquisite beaches, diving spots, and a chance to witness the raw beauty of nature. The tourism potential continues to grow with eco-tourism and adventure tourism ventures starting to gain ground.

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In terms of infrastructure and governance, being a recently established province means that Davao Occidental is in a phase of development. Investments in infrastructure, healthcare, and education are ongoing priorities for the local government, aiming to improve the quality of life for its residents and to attract investors.

With its scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage, and promising economic opportunities, Davao Occidental is a province with great potential, demonstrating resilience and growth as it carves out its identity in the Philippine archipelago.

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