Capiz, The “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”

Santa Monica Church near Roxas City by Raniejosecastanda- Own work

Capiz, often heralded as the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, is a province that boasts a deep connection with the marine bounty of the Sibuyan Sea. Situated in the Western Visayas region on Panay Island, Capiz is a destination that offers much more than its picturesque scenery—it’s a culinary haven for seafood aficionados. Its provincial capital is Roxas City.

Exploring Capiz: The Seafood Capital of the Philippines

Roxas City: The Heartbeat of Capiz
Roxas City, the provincial capital of Capiz province, serves as the epicenter of its vibrant seafood industry. The city’s markets brim with the freshest catch, from fish to crustaceans and mollusks, providing a daily spectacle for both the locals and visitors who throng to indulge in the marine harvest.

Roxas City Aerial View by Patrickroque01 – Taken using my own camera EOS M100, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Culinary Delights
In Roxas City and throughout Capiz, one can savor an array of dishes that epitomize the richness of the local waters. Restaurants along Baybay Beach offer a fresh seafood dining experience with their ‘dampa’ style service—where diners select live seafood to be cooked to their preference. Signature dishes include grilled scallops, ‘talaba’ (oysters), and the tangy ‘kinilaw’—a local version of ceviche.

Sustainable Seafood Practices
As the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, Capiz is not only known for its abundance but also its efforts in sustainable fishing practices. Efforts are constantly made to balance the thriving seafood industry with environmental conservation to ensure the continued fertility of Capiz’s marine habitats.

Festivals of Bounty
The annual ‘Capiztahan’ festival celebrates the bountiful harvests of the sea alongside the cultural heritage of the province. This festivity includes the ‘Aswangan’—a showcase where the best and freshest seafood are put on display, drawing food lovers from all over the country and beyond.

A Gateway to Aquaculture
Capiz hosts a multitude of fishponds and hatcheries, contributing significantly to aquaculture in the Philippines. This modern approach to fishing helps Capiz maintain its title as the seafood hub, emphasizing the province’s commitment to nurturing its marine resources.

Destination for All
With its vast mangrove forests serving as home to a diverse range of marine species, and clear, unpolluted waters, Capiz is a stunning travel destination where nature’s bounty can be enjoyed responsibly and sustainably.

From its sprawling rice fields to its rich coastal waters, Capiz truly lives up to its moniker as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. For culinary tourists, culture enthusiasts, and nature lovers, Capiz offers a feast for the senses and a glimpse into the soul of Filipino hospitality and tradition.

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