Antique, The Western End of Panay Island

Mararison Island, Culasi by Yvonnne Gwyneth Osorio

Explore the Riches of Antique Province, Philippines

Antique Province is a gem tucked away on the island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Its provincial capital is the municipality of San Jose de Buenavista.

Known for its pristine beaches, mountainous terrain, and rich cultural heritage, Antique is a province that boasts a variety of attractions for travelers seeking both adventure and tranquility.

A Dive into History

Antique, formerly known as “Hantik,” which is the name of a large red ant, has a storied past. It was one of the three original sakups (districts) of Panay before Spanish colonizers arrived in the mid-1500s. The province played a significant role in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish rule and the subsequent struggle for independence against American occupation.

Natural Wonders

Rafflesia, the World’s Largest Flower

One of Antique’s most fascinating attractions is the species of Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. This rare botanical specimen is found in the thick forests of the region and is truly a sight to behold.

Bugang River

The Bugang River is a testament to the province’s commitment to environmental conservation. Known as one of the cleanest rivers in the country, it is perfect for river rafting or just a serene paddle down the gentle currents, surrounded by lush foliage.

Malalison Island

Malalison Island, also known as Mararison, is a favorite among visitors. With its clear turquoise waters, beautiful sandbars, and vibrant coral gardens, it is an idyllic destination for snorkeling, fishing, and swimming.

Adventures Galore

Antique is not just for the leisurely traveler; it’s a playground for the adventurous spirit. The province’s geography includes the rugged Central Panay Mountain Range, which offers challenging treks and panoramic views, most notably from Mount Madja-as—the highest peak in Antique.

Rock climbing, rappelling, spelunking, and mountain biking are just some of the activities that adventure enthusiasts can indulge in. Kawa hot baths, where tourists can unwind in a large hot kettle bath, is an experience unique to Antique.

Mt. Madjaas, Antique By Gibough – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cultural Heritage

Antique is also a place of cultural significance. The province celebrates its heritage through various festivals, such as the Binirayan Festival, which commemorates the arrival of the ten Bornean Datus to Panay. The local crafts, textile weaving particularly of “Patadyong,” and traditional dances are proudly preserved and showcased.


No visit to Antique would be complete without enjoying its local cuisine. Indigenous dishes like “kadios,” “baboy,” and “langka” (pork, beans, and jackfruit stew) reflect the province’s rich cultural influences and bountiful natural resources. Fresh seafood is abundant and a must-try for food lovers.

Visit Antique Province

With its unspoiled natural beauty, gripping history, and warm people, Antique offers a Philippine experience away from the more commercialized tourist spots. Whether you’re in pursuit of peace and solitude or an action-packed adventure, Antique welcomes you with open arms. Come and witness the untapped grandeur of this historical and ecological paradise.

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