Bicol the Region

Mayon Volcano by Mark Edwin Hedia

The Bottom of the Island of Luzon

The Bicol Region designated as Region V and is a picturesque and culturally rich area located in the southeastern part of Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines. Known for its majestic Mayon Volcano, an active stratovolcano renowned for its perfectly symmetrical cone, Bicol is a popular tourist destination offering stunning natural landscapes and a vibrant local culture.

It is composed of six provinces: Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, and Sorsogon on the mainland. Catanduanes, and Masbate are islands.

The region is celebrated for its spicy and flavorful cuisine, with signature dishes such as Bicol Express, a delectable stew made with pork, coconut milk, and spicy chilies. Additionally, Bicol is home to a thriving arts scene, with traditional crafts, music, and dances that reflect the region’s unique heritage.

Bicol’s coastline is adorned with beautiful beaches and islands, offering opportunities for relaxation and water activities. Noteworthy destinations include Caramoan, known for its pristine white beaches and crystal-clear waters, and the whale shark sanctuary in Donsol, providing awe-inspiring encounters with these gentle giants.

Bicol’s warm and hospitable people, along with its stunning natural beauty, make it a captivating region with much to offer visitors seeking an unforgettable cultural and adventure-filled experience.

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Aerial view of a campsite at Mount Masaraga in Albay. By Alexis Ricardo Alaurin

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