When it rains in the Philippines, it pours!

There are two types of weather in the Philippines, wet and dry. Today we will talk about the wet season.

The Rainy Season in the Philippines!

Running from May until October the rainy season in the Philippines can be both fun or frightening by whether if you’re in a storm or in a typhoon.

Unfortunately, most summer vacations in the United States start in June and run until late August to early September. So, when did we visit? Mid-July until Mid-August. We enjoyed a lot of light and heavy rainfall.

When it isn’t raining it’s hot, around the 80 to 90 degrees F (or the low 30’s C). You won’t be cold unless you are soaked to the skin and it’s windy. I like the rain in the tropics, here in America when it rains your cold and miserable.

As long as you don’t stay in a storm track and get hit by a typhoon or tropical depression the rainy months can be quite enjoyable.

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