Southern Manila District (4th District)

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Exploring the Southern Manila District (4th District)

The Southern Manila District, also known as the 4th District, is a vibrant and dynamic area in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. This district is known for its rich history, diverse communities, and its significant contributions to the cultural and economic landscape of Manila. With a land area of 208.28 sq. km or 80.42 sq. miles as of 2020 it had a population of 3,861,951

Las Piñas City: With a 2020 population of 606,293, is often celebrated for its historical significance, Las Piñas houses the famous Bamboo Organ, a unique instrument housed in St. Joseph Parish Church. The city combines cultural heritage with modern suburban living.

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Makati City: With a 2020 population of 629,616, it is the financial center of the country with the highest concentration of multinational and corporations in the Philippines.

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Muntinlupa City: With a 2020 population of 543,445, and as the southernmost city in the National Capital Region, Muntinlupa is famous for the Bilibid Prison, a historical landmark, and for its growing business district in Alabang which plays host to various corporations and upscale residential areas.

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Parañaque City: With a 2020 population of 689,992, it is known for its bustling city life and residential areas, Parañaque is a hub of commerce and tourism, featuring shopping malls, historical sites, and multicultural neighborhoods.

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Pasay City: With a 2020 population of 440,656, it is known for having the SM Mall of Asia which is the largest shopping center overall in the country. Also in the city are the CAA (Civil Aeronautics Administration) housing the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 3 and the Villamor Airbase.

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The Municapality of Pateros: As the lone municipality in Metro Manila is 2020 population was 65,227. Famous for its duck-raising industry it is where most of the delicacy of balut is produced. Balut is a boiled, fertilized duck egg.

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Taguig City: With a 2020 population of 1,200,000 and is known for hosting many foreign embassies it is an important hub for international diplomacy. It is also the home of the area known as Bonifacio Global City (BGO), one of the leading financial centers in the Philippines.

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Cultural Significance

Each city within the district displays a unique cultural identity, from the historical corridors of Las Piñas to the festive streets of Parañaque. The district is home to numerous festivals, such as the Bamboo Organ Festival and the lively Parañaque City Day celebrations, which showcase local music, dance, and cuisine, fostering a strong sense of community and continuity of heritage.

Economic Contribution

The Southern Manila District is not only culturally vibrant but also economically vital. With a mix of industrial facilities, commercial hubs, and business parks, the district plays a crucial role in the metropolitan economy. Areas like the Filinvest Corporate City in Muntinlupa exemplify the successful integration of residential, business, and leisure activities, providing substantial employment opportunities and boosting the local economy.

Challenges and Development

Despite its many successes, the 4th District faces challenges such as traffic congestion, urban density, and environmental management. However, local governments and community organizations actively work towards sustainable solutions, aiming for balanced development that respects both cultural heritage and the natural environment.


The Southern Manila District is a testament to the diverse, dynamic character of Manila. Its cities represent a blend of history, modernity, and cultural diversity, making it an essential area not only within Metro Manila but in the entire Philippines. As it continues to grow and evolve, the 4th District remains a key player in the cultural and economic sectors, promising a bright future with sustained development

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