Eastern Manila District: District II

Mandaluyong skyline as seen from Mezza 2 Residences in Quezon City by Patrickroque01

Exploring the Eastern Manila District

The Eastern Manila District, designated as District II is part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines, is a bustling area known for its unique blend of urban activities and green landscapes. This district comprises several cities including Marikina, Pasig, Mandaluyong, San Juan, and parts of Quezon City. Each city within the district offers distinct characteristics and attractions that are worth exploring. With a land area of 238.36 sq. km or 91.26 sq. miles as of 2020 it had a population of 4,771,371.

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Marikina City, with a population in 2020 of 456,159 is often regarded as the shoe capital of the Philippines, is famous for its robust footwear industry. The Marikina Shoe Museum, where hundreds of pairs of shoes from notable figures are displayed, highlights the city’s rich history in shoe manufacturing. Apart from its industrial achievements, Marikina is also known for its clean and well-maintained public spaces, making it one of the most livable cities in the metro.

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Mandaluyong City with a population in 2020 of 425,758 is located directly east of Manila. One of its main attractions is the Ortigas Center (which it shares with Pasig City).

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Pasig City with a population in 2020 of 803,159 is a mix of residential, industrial, and commercial areas. One of its main attractions is the Ortigas Center (which it shares with Mandaluyong City), a major business district in Metro Manila which hosts a multitude of multinational corporations, prestigious schools, and commercial establishments. Additionally, Pasig is home to the Rizal Technological University and the University of Asia and the Pacific, making it a significant educational hub.

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Quezon City (Q.C.) with the largest population in in the NCR; its 2020 of 2,960,048. It has parts within the Eastern Manila District boasting numerous educational and governmental institutions. This portion of Quezon City is vibrant with various cultural and social activities, enhanced by the presence of the University of the Philippines Diliman and the Ateneo de Manila University, which are both leading educational institutions in the country.

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San Juan City, with a population in 2020 of 126,347 is known for the first battle of Katipunan and its landmarks like the Pinaglabanan shire is a bustling city in the center of the district and is the smallest by land mass

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Whether you are interested in cultural heritage, education, or nature, the Eastern Manila District has something to offer. It remains a vital part of Metro Manila’s development and continues to thrive as a lively and diverse area.

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