Biliran, One of the Smallest Island Provinces

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Biliran is an island province, located in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines, and is known for its untouched beauty and rich history. Its provincial capital is the municipality of Naval.

Formerly a sub-province of Leyte it is located less than a kilometer from said province, it became an independent province in 1992. Biliran is one of the country’s smallest and newest provinces, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its vibrant culture and stunning natural landscapes.

General Information

Capital: Naval
Area: Approximately 536 square kilometers
Population: Around 180,000 inhabitants

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Biliran is predominantly hilly, and it is known for its numerous waterfalls, undisturbed forests, and beautiful rice terraces that carve the landscape. Farming and fishing are mainstays in the local economy, with coconut and rice being major agricultural products.

Tourist Attractions

  • Tinago Falls: As its name suggests, Tinago Falls, meaning ‘hidden’, is a paradise concealed within lush forestation. It is a favorite destination for both local and international tourists seeking to escape into nature and experience the refreshing turquoise waters.
  • Sambawan Island: Offering some of the best diving spots, Sambawan Island is celebrated for its rich marine biodiversity and is frequented by divers and snorkelers from around the world.
  • Higatangan Island: Known for its shifting sandbar and beautiful coral gardens, Higatangan Island is an idyllic spot for beachgoers and those looking to relax in a serene coastal environment.


Biliran’s culture is a blend of indigenous traditions and influences from centuries of Spanish and American colonization, which is reflected in their local festivals. The provincial fiesta “Biliranon Festival of Festivals” showcases the island’s history, culture, and arts through street dancing and other performances.


Tropical climate prevails in Biliran with two distinctive seasons: the wet season from June to January, and the dry season from February to May. The province is occasionally visited by tropical storms and typhoons, which shape its lush and verdant landscapes.

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Biliran’s compelling mix of natural wonders, from waterfalls and white beaches to coral reefs, coupled with a warm and inviting cultural atmosphere, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the Philippines. Despite its small geographical footprint, Biliran is a province that offers a big adventure and a peaceful retreat for all its visitors.

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