Common Words and Phrases:

How do I say or ask?

When you go to a new place you always find yourself wanting something:

Directions, water, the restroom.

How to say things like: How are you? Thank You? You’re welcome. How much?

Here are some common words and phrases to help you in Filipino/Tagalog.

  • Water: Tubig (two big)
  • Food: (pagkain)
  • Restroom: CR (Comfort Room)
  • Yes: Oo (O-O)
  • No: Hindi (hen day)
  • Thank You: (Salamat)
  • How Much? (mag ka no?

Kamusta ka? (How are you?).

Ingat (Take Care)

Paano pumunta sa [location]? (How do I get to [location]?

The good news is that because the Philippines has English as its second language, you should be able to get your primary point across.

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